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Rose quartz facial rollers are one of the biggest trends currently happening in the skincare, wellness, and beauty industries. Although any of several gorgeous gemstones can be used in facial rollers, rose quartz has proven to be extremely popular. When using a facial roller, it’s an effective and simple way to help increase the vibrant appearance of skin.


Rose quartz facial rollers have been around for centuries, particularly in Chinese culture. Rose quartz is a crystal healing stone believed to help unclog the Heart Chakra. For someone struggling with stress and negativity, these mental difficulties can cause muscles in our face to tense up, wrinkle, and develop fine lines. The best way to get rid of them is by massaging them out and quartz is a simple stone to use to accomplish this. As you roll your rose quartz facial roller, muscles will loosen, and you’ll be left with a substantially softer and more radiant complexion.   There are two ways to use a roller. There’s gentle downward movement which is perfect for stimulating lymphatic drainage and detoxification processes. The more vigorous and rejuvenating movement however is upwards, which will improve circulation and help oxygenate the skin. Nevertheless, how to start begins at the base of the neck and rolling downward from ear to clavicle. Then, move to the center of your skin and roll out from the center towards your hairline. Next, apply the small end of the roller on your under-eye. The final step is your forehead, rolling from the center towards the side of your face.   While you’re doing these movements, you may notice a repeated need to swallow. As your lymphatic system is draining, this is perfectly normal and should be expected. It’s actually a sign you’re doing what you’re doing the right way. The five most reported benefits of using rose quartz facial rollers include calming inflammation, reducing puffiness in the face and particularly under the eyes, stimulating detoxification, stimulating lymphatic drainage, and promoting the penetration of moisturizers and any other products you may be using on your skin. Others report brightened complexion, tightened pores, wrinkle reduction, and more plump skin.

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Just a few more notes we want to mention is that you can use your gemstone roller over a hydrating face mask or a sheet mask. Doing so can help to intensify any sort of hydration treatment. Also, stones like rose quartz tend to remain cool in temperature even after vigorous use. Some people who use rose quartz facial rollers will put their roller in the freezer for 20 minutes beforehand. This is because a cool stone helps to calm the skin during lymphatic drainage and plainly, it just feels nice! If you want to buy your first rose quartz facial roller, browse them today on-sale at

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