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Featuring: Tiger’s Eye, Rose Quartz, Sodalite, Amethyst, Black Obsidian, Opal, Red Jasper, and Jade Crystal rollers are a super exciting way to give a gentle yet energetic massage to our beautiful faces. Energetic because it stimulates the deeper tissues of your skin and drains all that extra liquidity that sometimes gets stuck in parts of our faces. And even more so energetic, the minerals, that part of earth that we have privileged access to. How perfectly blessed are we to be able to experience some of the most mesmerizing expressions of physical life. So crystals are not only beautiful to look at, or interesting to discover and to wonder about and with. Or to build with and as subjects of study. They are great at interacting in the metaphysical plane of earth. Now, weather you believe in these properties or not, a jade roller will always look elegant and remind you with their own beauty and grace of the greatness that lies within you. For us to able to make good use of these crystal rollers let us take a look at the characteristics of some of the materials of the rollers: Tiger’s eye is a stone of compliance. It is mostly used to attract good luck and to channel the energy of the above with that of the below. In other words it is used for its sharpness properties. The mix of materials found in this stone illustrates this property to be applied in everyday life and in healing. Since this stone brings light and earth together, it reminds of our ability for good judgment and sharp decision making in the present moment. Rose Quartz is the stone of love. More specifically of self love. That is why most facial rollers are made of rose quartz, and because it can be the symbol of beauty. It brings calm, sensuality, and reassurance to our roller experience. It is the crystal that best embodies the expression of our hearts and as quartz, it reflects it back to us, reminding us to love ourselves and to take thoughtful care of our feminine energies. Sodalite as a semi-dark blue stone carries the capability to teach us about value. It reminds us one of the most important uses of value, that is respect. It shows us that when we value something we must respect it in order to keep it in our lives. This stone is one of the many blue minerals that embody honor. Sodalite specifically is the stone that directs us to opening to the spiritual world. In other words in our everyday skincare routines, sodalite enhances our spirituality and our personal understanding of this part of the world.
Amethyst the helper of the third eye, could be a very special tool in our skincare practice. popular in its cluster form. This is the case because an amethyst is especially powerful at transmuting energy and purifying spaces such as rooms. This crystal transmutes the energy of the old into new and with its violet color calls to the vision of our lives and world. This is why amethyst is used in healing, for the alignment of the third eye. Opal as it appearance suggest is one of the stones that has the characteristic to help us with the surfacing of all of our traits and to shed light on them for us to notice them. It is used along with other minerals to teach us how to gain individuality in the most healthy and balanced way possible. In the roller for facial care Opal will be put to use as a motivator of our most beautiful traits. Black Obsidian is the stone that shows us the present reflection of ourselves. This can be useful in the practice of self love because by looking at our reflection we are able to identify the things we would like to improve in our selves. This is a black mirror, therefore some of our own reflection may not always be the way that we wanted it to be. This is an aspect to be mindful of when using the roller because even when the harder truths about our self hurt, we still have the capability to accept them and move on stronger than before. Clear Quartz is a common crystal in healing, because it is one of the basic clarification crystals. Its meaning might vary according to the shape the mineral is transformed into. Some of these crystals exist in their natural state as crystal points in clusters of these. The center point, for example is believed to be a very powerful source of energy for the practice but also for other crystals when used in adjacent. Thus we can use it in skincare to clarify our face and clear away some of those unwanted impurities that accumulate over time.
Red Jasper is the ultimate motivational stone. Its energy is effervescent but in a concentrated purposeful way. This stone can be used in the roller form for stimulation of mood and to remind us that to follow our dreams. It encourages us to follow the flow of energy that we are made of and to take action on the living being that we are. It has sometimes been used to stimulate the blood flow so this is really the perfect stone for those of us who want to raise our moods, starting with our faces! Jade is the mineral to have when in need of good luck. We might need good luck all the time and we might think we know what we need, but the reality is that sometimes the conception we have of our wellness is shadowed by our expectations. This stone guides energy and has a clear sense of what we need. That is why in a roller, jade could help us to enhance our luck and nourish our face with positive vibrations so that when we present ourselves to the world we may do so with confidence and wisdom.
Green Aventurine is a form of crystal quartz, containing platy mineral inclusions, which gives its shimmering effect termed aventurescence. Aventurine is like Jade, but have a strong sense of luck. It is known as the luckiest stone; the stone of opportunity. It manifestes prosperity and wealth, best for gambling, up your chance to win! But, what does it do for the roller on your face? It makes you shining, a brighter skin tone. Gives you a winning energy when it comes to competitions. It will open more doors to opportunity, and you will have a new growth. It brings optimism in your life, better confidence. 
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