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Now, it looks like Halloween is just about 3 things: eat candy, dress in a costume, and do things to scare ourselves on purpose. Halloween celebration is also based on some ancient traditions and rituals. Halloween is inspired on Samhain, a traditional Pagan holiday that is considered the most sacred day of the year to Pagans. It is the perfect time to use crystals to reflect your moods, feelings, and desires. Some crystal can protect you as well during this spooky season.

Samhain is a time of renewal that is strongly tied to the Earth's season cycle. The dark and cold of winter arrives and  the nature fades, only to be renew in the spring. Samhain is the celebration of life and death. Crystals can help you  connect with those who have died and  protect you from negative energy.


Black Obsidian is known to have good action to cut ties and to break negative attachments to toxic people. It can really help your interpersonal relationships. According to crystal healing, obsidian does two things: Connect you to the most layers of the Earth to help with change and offer protection. It helps you to find meaning if you're feeling lost. Obsidian is great to transform basic Halloween to spooky Halloween.


Quartz increase positive energy while reducing negative thoughts. Smoky quartz is particularly good for Halloween. It is known to take in what is negative or of low vibration and keeps that energy away from the you. Quartz draws spirit guides to your level of perception in order to facilitate communication with you and with others. Clear quartz can help in the creation of power, clarity of thinking, meditation, cleansing, clearing the aura, spiritual development and healing. It is perfect to communicate and connect with people during a Halloween event!

shop crystal for halloween


If you are feeling excited by the idea of Halloween in general, you might want to get some amethyst. This is a protective stone and also the most needed crystal to access the 3rd-Eye Chakra. It protects your energy and clears away bad vibes with your intuition. Moreover, it allows the higher mind to communicate with spiritual guides so that you get the occasion to draw into your inner self. It increase significantly your general intuition. This beautiful purple crystal is the must-have healing crystal to guide you though Halloween.

shop crystal for halloween

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