What are Crystal Healing, which crystals is the best for me?
Are you someone who thought that crystals are only just rocks? Or pretty decoration. You might be wrong about this, they may seem pretty to be stored beside our TV, but there is actually a spirituous meaning behind them! Let’s look a bit about their history. As far back as Ancient History in China, crystals were significantly part of their culture. It drives energy into our mind and body. Not only in Chinese cultures, but other cultures, such as Egyptian, Roman, and many more! If we go further, crystals can also be called healing crystals. Essentially, healing crystals allow positive energy (healing energy) to flow into our body, while they will draw out the negative energy (disease-causing energy).  Amethyst Crystal Point Now, onto the benefits of healing crystals! Although there still no scientific proven results that crystals actually heal people, but it has been effective for helping curing diseases. There are so many crystals out there; they each have their own functions. Here are 4 basic crystals and its benefits: 1.  Clear Quartz: It is great to restore or strengthen balance in your life, used for healing purposes. This stone can be crystal clear to an opaque color. 2.  Rose Quartz: It a love stone that focuses on heart chakra for emotional healing. It usually has a rose pink color. 3.  Amethyst: A meditative and calming stone, it is beneficial for patients who think or worry too much, or cannot slow down their minds. It also encourages calm sleep. This stone can be purple or violet, or lavender-hued. 4.  Black Tourmaline: Whenever you feel in bad moods, bad thoughts (depression), black tourmaline will draw out the bad energies. Only keep the good vibes! It is a shiny black stone. Those are four basic crystals, there are so many crystals, and that can be shown in different forms and colors. Fun Fact: Real crystals are imperfect, so this is a way to know whether you have a real or fake crystal.
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