Does Cupping Work for Cellulite

Cupping for cellulite is the latest Instagram-friendly celebrity trend to anti-aging skincare, foregoing the usual creams and high-expense treatments in treating those ugly dimples of the body.


Let’s face it. We don’t all love our bodies. There are things we could change if we could. Some we can, other we can’t. Cellulite can be not so pretty. It affects shape, physical identity, and confidence.


All of this unfortunate business about cellulite is actually very, very common. Up to 90% of the population has cellulite. There’s a certain myth being proposed that if you have cellulite, it’s somehow unnatural when it in fact isn’t. Even those of us with the best workout routines and nutrition to boot still may be struggling to banish cellulite. It has nothing to do with weight or unhealthiness.

 Does cupping help with cellulite?

All this being said, what if you want to change the way you look or alternatively, what if you’re someone who wants to eliminate your cellulite – you can, to a degree. You may have tried anti-cellulite creams but they don’t really work. The lasers that doctors propose to deal with cellulite are painful, expensive, and come with risks. Cupping has no risk, it’s inexpensive, it’s not painful, and it works. That’s right. Cupping works for cellulite!


How cupping works is that practitioners use cups to create suction over targeted areas of the body. If the cups are applied on a wet, oily surface, a practitioner may use them to create movement. Using cupping, you will break up any sort of stagnation in the area applied, there’s more blood moved and circulation increases, the lymphatic system drains, and issues deep in muscles or tissue can be sometimes resolved with these cups.

 Does cupping help with cellulite?

So how does cupping work for cellulite? First of all, cupping can be used anywhere – butt, thighs, stomach, wherever. A single cupping treatment isn’t going to do much for your cellulite. With repeated treatments, the cellulite breaks up and the texture of your skin actually changes. A diet won’t target specific areas of the body like cupping can. Although cupping’s no cure, it’s maintenance that can essentially cure the appearance of cellulite.


The majority of people begin to see changes with their cellulite appearance within 6-8 cupping treatments. As cupping’s so easy to do, you can go through a practitioner but you can also complete a cupping treatment at home. As long as you have a silicone cupping set ready, treatments can be performed at home by yourself, a friend, or anyone who can reach the area. You can use them after work, before work, after getting out of the shower, in the living room, or wherever and whenever. Improve skin tone, tighten your skin, and reduce cellulite in a big way.

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