buy detox silicone cupping sets for cellulite from lierre canada
buy detox silicone cupping sets for cellulite from lierre canada
Still trying to get rid of stubborn cellulite? We’ve created this affordable package with you in mind!
With its triple anti cellulite action, this package gives you everything you need for an effective, relaxing treatment. You can use our sturdy yet gentle anti cellulite roller to massage our Detox gel into the skin and warm it up before an intense and soothing silicone cup massage.
The Detox gel combines rejuvenating essential oils with a mix of dry, organic oils for great glide. Our sturdy anti-cellulite roller is among the most popular of its kind, helping to break down cellulite under the skin and facilitating tissue reconstruction.
Silicone cups, with their intense suction, can be used to firm up the skin’s appearance while also relaxing muscles. This format of cup is just the right size for treating thighs, stomach, buttocks and the back.
  • 1x L’Herbier Detox Massage Gel 60ml
  • 2x Standard Massage Cups
  • 1x Anticellulite Roller
Lierre offers cupping supplies including plastic cupsglass cups and  silicone cupping sets of all different materials and types. You’ll find traditional glass cups, durable and gentle silicone cups, resistant and effective plastic cups, and a ton of accessories and sets in our inventory. Silicone and plastic cups are quickly gaining in popularity across the Western world for their relative ease of use, and the fact that they can be used without fire means that they’re especially suited for sensitive patients and closed spaces.
We sell cups individually and as sets, allowing you to restock your old cups as needed, to try new ones without committing to an entire set, and to sample different sizes if you’re a beginner. Our affordable sets come with all the accessories you’ll need to integrate cupping into your practice!
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