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Anti-Cellulite Set

Cupping and massage can both be used as a way to reduce the appearance of cellulite. Cupping is believed to release stagnant toxins in the body in traditional Chinese medicine, as well as to improve the immune system and to promote Qi circulation. Massage and cupping both temporarily increase blood circulation, giving the skin a radiant glow. We’ve combined medium sized medical graded silicone cups, anti-cellulite massage roller and anti-cellulite massage gel and balms in this package to offer people who want to get rid of cellulite a multi-layered, versatile set of strategies. You can combine the gels and balms with either the massage roller or cups for a relaxing massage, or use any of these products alone, or even one after the other, depending on how thoroughly you want to treat your skin.
Product name Anti-cellulite set
Product Type Silicone suction cup, anti-cellulite massage roller, anti-cellulite massage gel and balms
Product material Medical grade silicone; Plastic Consult balm and gel page for ingredient list
Product packaging 7 pcs/set
Product Size 2x Glamour Silicone Cups 1x Anti-cellulite massage roller 2x Anti-cellulite massage balm 15g 2x Anti-cellulite massage gel 15ml
Product Color Roller: Pink, Blue, White
Product Weight
Features Odourless; Low chemical reactivity; Non-shattering (pliable); Watertight; Hygienic; Translucent; Portable
Silicone cups There are 2 silicone cups in this set. The cups are made with medical graded silicone, which is safe for people with sensitive skin. Compared to glass and plastic cups, silicone cups are softer, more flexible and more solid. Durable, they will not break even when dropped. They are so soft that they will not cause pains, and they’re easy to manipulate and squeeze. Compare to most models of plastic cups, it’s very easy to adjust silicone cups’ suction level, even during treatment. Compare to glass cups, silicone cups are much simpler to use and safer: they don’t require alcohol or fire. These characteristics ensure that they won’t leave cupping marks easily on your body. The size is suitable for larger areas of the body with cellulite especially thighs, hips, buttocks or tummies. Though gentle, these cups may not be appropriate for extremely thin or sensitive skin. Anti-cellulitemassage roller One of the most popular cellulite massages roller across the world, this high quality resin roller is easy to manipulate and comfortable to grip. It can be used as a massage tool, and can activate points along your meridians, releasing muscle tension, temporarily increasing blood circulation and smoothing out your skin. Great for travelling, its small, compact shape makes it extremely versatile: you could use it on your arms, legs, thighs, abdomen, buttocks and any other body areas where you would like to reduce the appearance of cellulite. You could use it with massage oils, lotions or balms for a rejuvenating skin treatment! Massage gels and balms These massage gels and balms are scented with delightful and therapeutic grapefruit, orange and rosemary essential oils, and they’re made using only natural, environmentally friendly and ethically sourced ingredients. Their silky soft texture feels delightful on skin, and helps silicone cups glide smoothly across your skin for an even deeper massage. Tips: The gels, balms and silicone cups in the set are not only useful to combat cellulite. You could also use it to release muscle tension, shoulder pains, back pains and other problems. Instructions: Make sure the surface area which you want to treat or massage is clean, and that your hands are clean as well. Warm lotions, gels or balms in your hands and gently massage on the area. Press silicone cups and put on body gently and adjust the pressure level. Ideally, you should be comfortable, but your skin should be ever so gently lifted up.
  1. Cupping massage: Slowly move cups around in wide motions. Try to not let any air into the cups as you do so, as it will fill the vacuum and stop them from maintaining proper suction.
  2. Stationary cupping therapy: Leave the cups in place for a few minutes, until your skin becomes slightly red. Do not leave them on past the point where they start becoming uncomfortable. Take them off before your skin starts becoming red with hints of purple to avoid bruising.
  3. Flash cupping therapy: Put on and remove the cups on different areas frequently. This approach is especially good for back pain.
Thoroughly clean and disinfect the cups after every use. Lierre offers cupping supplies including plastic cupsglass cups and  silicone cupping sets of all different materials and types. You’ll find traditional glass cups, durable and gentle silicone cups, resistant and effective plastic cups, and a ton of accessories and sets in our inventory. Silicone and plastic cups are quickly gaining in popularity across the Western world for their relative ease of use, and the fact that they can be used without fire means that they’re especially suited for sensitive patients and closed spaces. We sell cups individually and as sets, allowing you to restock your old cups as needed, to try new ones without committing to an entire set, and to sample different sizes if you’re a beginner. Our affordable sets come with all the accessories you’ll need to integrate cupping into your practice!
Anti-cellulliteCupping setSilicone cupping set

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