We will answer this question with another question: Do you easily mark? If so, you will be more likely to have bruises during your cupping treatment sessions. The bruises (subcutaneous injury appearing often after a session) result sometimes of a hematoma present at the location of the treatment, the suction it is not the cause but the consequence of the rupture of a vessel. It is the amalgamation of blood that can be located in an organ, in the tissues or under the skin. Is this normal? Should you have the marks after a session? 

What does bruising after cupping mean?

Although cupping is a safe treatment, there can be a small number of undesirable and unpleasant side effects with subsequent treatment or after treatment but bruising is normal and frequent. The bruising is the evidence of the stagnation of blood in the bodily tissues that surfaces during treatment. . Even though the cups work on the surface of the body, they can sometimes bake small blood vessels in the treated area and create hematomas. 

How long does the cupping bruise last?

The bruises usually last longer than the sensations are passed by a cup. But they are not a cause for concern. They can take up to a week or more, depending on age, skin type and state of tiredness or health, strength and duration of the treatment. This is often the case with cupping therapy detoxification. Therapists can notice this happening as the cup is being removed and can perform the best suited gesture to reduce the severity of the hinder. 

How do you prevent bruises after cupping?

Do not worry more than necessary. Take the time to talk to your therapist. He or she can then modify their practice to reduce the risk of bruising. The bottom line is to wait for your blues to disappear for a session with confidence. Cupping is an alternative medicine to treat multiple pain that a patient can have.

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