Does cupping for cellulite work

A woman is not “supposed” to have cellulite. We think of the ultimate female figure as thin, feminine, and smooth. Cellulite doesn’t fit that profile, even though 90 percent of us have it somewhere on our bodies.


Cellulite is a part of our body and sadly why workout routines or diet trends for cellulite don’t achieve a cellulite reduction is because it has nothing to do with weight. Creams and lasers are expensive, work for only some of us, and for a lot of us are painful.

Anyone serious about cellulite can consider cupping therapy as a means of eliminating the appearance of cellulite once and for all. Cupping’s been used for over 5,000 years from Asia, Europe, and Africa, to the West. Cupping suctions tissue upwards, in the same way a massage presses tissue downwards. As this happens, cupping increases circulation, breaks up any stagnation and moves blood around, increases lymphatic drainage, and resolves issues in the tissue.

So how does cupping and cellulite work – well, it all has to do with the cause of cellulite. It’s generally caused by poor blood circulation, a lymphatic system which isn’t draining, fluid retention, and hormonal imbalances. Now enter in cupping. Cupping unblocks energy, moves blood, reduces build-up, and increases movement in the body. The suctioning is believed to gradually break up the cellulite, changing the texture of your skin through repeated use.

Cupping is an advantageous alternative therapy as it can be used anywhere on the body. Butt, thighs, and similar areas prone to cellulite can be targeted. Cellulite treatment like this can be applied with stationary cups or by moving suctioned cups across the body with oil. Although moving can be uncomfortable, some enjoy the experience. You don’t need to move them though. Using cupping in a static, stationary form, it works just as well. Use it for up to 20 minutes, depending on the level of fluid retention in the body.

The best way to use cupping therapy for cellulite is to apply it in intense 20-minute treatments twice per week. Cupping is safe, not painful, and very effective at treating cellulite although it can take time.

The best thing that can be recommended for someone using cupping to reduce their cellulite is to take a picture before they start. Then, take a picture after every session. This way, you can see the difference after a month and judge on whether it is a treatment you believe to be worth continuing.

Does cupping work for cellulite – it absolutely does and for a lot of people, it’s more effective compared to other mechanisms. Stimulate circulation, encourage detoxification, and tap into your body’s natural systems to rid yourself permanently of the cellulite that’s holding you back.

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