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Use the silicone brush to gently exfoliate your skin, and the set of silicone cups to massage away lines and wrinkles! This set will make a particularly soothing addition to any beauty regimen.
buy facial massage silicone cupping sets at lierre
The small cups can be used around the eyes, while the longer ones can be used on the neck, cheeks and temples, as well as on other areas of the body more generally. Cupping stimulates circulation, and can be used to gently massage the face, releasing any tensions and smoothing out the skin. Increased circulation, in turn, means glowing skin!  Facial cups are also sometimes used for lymphatic drainage.
With its soft bristles, our silicone facial brush gently cleans pores, dislodging dirt and makeup residues without causing irritation. It can be used before, after or during cleanser application, helping to prevent breakouts and blackheads.
Both the cups and the brush are made from medical grade silicone, an odorless, watertight and flexible material. Silicone cups are easy to clean and disinfect, making these instruments particularly durable and hygienic.
This set includes:
  • 2 Silicone Cup, long
  • 2 Silicone Cup, mini
  • 1 silicone facial brush
  1. First, rub the facial brush it in circular motions across your face, ideally with a foaming cleanser.
  2. Apply a skin balm or oil (any product that can reduce friction).
  3. Firmly squeeze the larger cups, then place them on your chin, forehead or cheeks. Lift the cup by a few millimetres, then drag across the skin. Always glide the cup away from your nose.  
  4. Use the smaller cups around the eyes, especially around crows’ feet.
  5. Thoroughly clean and disinfect the cups and the brush.
Silicone cups features:
  • Long silicone cup size: inner diameter:20mm, height:80mm
  • Require neither fire nor the pump gun.
  • Made of soft, medical grade silicone, which are environmentally friendly materials that are safe for people with sensitive skin.
  • This material ensures that practitioners don't have to worry about the burns sometimes incurred by using traditional glass cups.
  • Super flexible and elastic that can work well in those difficult curved areas of the body, such as ankles, knees and wrists.
  • Simple to use, easy to clean. Silicone cups are unbreakable, portable, pliable, durable and watertight.
Lierre offers cupping supplies including plastic cupsglass cups and  silicone cupping sets of all different materials and types. You’ll find traditional glass cups, durable and gentle silicone cups, resistant and effective plastic cups, and a ton of accessories and sets in our inventory. Silicone and plastic cups are quickly gaining in popularity across the Western world for their relative ease of use, and the fact that they can be used without fire means that they’re especially suited for sensitive patients and closed spaces.
We sell cups individually and as sets, allowing you to restock your old cups as needed, to try new ones without committing to an entire set, and to sample different sizes if you’re a beginner. Our affordable sets come with all the accessories you’ll need to integrate cupping into your practice!
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