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In traditional Chinese medicine (TCM), cupping therapy is used to dispel stagnation, increasing Qi circulation. Though traditional fire cupping therapies have been popular for centuries, silicone cupping techniques have just started to gain momentum. A safer, more intuitive alternative to fire cupping, silicone cupping set can also be used to massage areas of the body that would simply be impossible to treat with fire cupping – including the face. Our small silicone cups can even be used on relatively sensitive skin without leaving marks, as long as they are used responsibly. Facial silicone cupping set massages involve slowly gliding the cup away from the nose towards the side of the face. It’s been used to temporarily stimulate blood circulation to the face, accelerating healing and lymph circulation, and giving the skin a beautiful glow. It also relaxes facial muscles, making you look both younger and healthier.
The eye silicone cup can be used around the eyes, where they will provide just the right amount of suction for a strong therapeutic effect, but won’t risk leaving marks or bursting capillaries. If used regularly, these cups have been reported to eventually diminish the appearance of crows’ feet and wrinkles.
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If the traditional aspect of facial silicone cupping set interests you, you may like to learn more about aculifting. This practice blends TCM principles and skincare to create a deeply relaxing form of anti-aging treatment. No need to worry about the needles: they’re roughly as thin as human hair!
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