Need to get ready for a big night – or get over a week of late nights? Facial cupping can make you instantly look and feel more rested! [embed][/embed] By boosting circulation and lightening up dark circles under your eyes, silicone cupping can work miracles to give you that instant just-got-out-the-spa look. It’s so relaxing that it won’t fail to make you feel that way, either! Silicone Cup, mini The smallest silicone cups can be used to lift up your eyes: by increasing blood circulation and fighting inflammation, it will lighten the skin around them, and reduce puffiness. In short, it’ll make your eyes look so much more rested. Silicone Cup, long Larger facial cups can be used to brighten up the skin. They work to tighten the pores, and, because they increase blood flow, they also give the skin a gorgeous glow – who needs blush when you have silicone cups? Pairing these treatments with a silicone brush and a good moisturizer will make sure that you skin feels fresh, clean, and just like new. Another great benefit: a silicone cupping treatment also ensures that your make-up will go on much smoother. Facial Massage Silicone Cupping Set (with a brush)
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