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It is very important to understand how your products are made before purchasing them, especially when the item that you are going to apply to your body such as silicone cupping set. Today, we see this type of product everywhere on places like Amazon & eBay with different prices, qualities or even packages, sometimes you might see the super low prices which are too good to be true. Or, the products can be extremely expensive on the other hand and you just start to wonder whether or not the sellers are trying to rip you off.

shop jade soft silicone cupping sets at lierre
In general, most of cupping industries used silicone because its cost, production efficiency as well as features, but one thing you need to understand is, not all the silicone classes are the same, some of far more expensive than others depend on the production procedures as well as the substances that they included, for brand like Jade soft, they used the medical grade silicone, which is completely safe and harmless to your body. We will explain this further in the following.
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Why cupping set using silicone as material?

It is true that silicone has been working almost in every tools around you, usually could be silicone itself plus other compounds, usually in liquid or solid form. The benefits for using silicone as material is not only by it's durability, moreover, it is resistant to bacteria, which makes this a perfect tool that you will need to apply on your skin such as silicone cupping, vibrators or even menstrual cups..etc.

Since lots of products that might contact to sensitive area, an improper material such as plastic, the cost of production of these materials are cheap, however, you will be likely to cause skin irritation or some of the severe cases such as birthday defect or even sperm damages because some of the products are mixing phthalates with suspicious chemical that you have no idea where it from, it can be poisonous to our body, especially like the “soother” where baby put this inside their mouth, that is why whenever we are choosing the products, we always need to look for legitimate business with clear transparency where their manufacture are from.

What and why uses medical grade silicone and what are the benefits with it?

The Jade Soft silicone cupping are reputable cupping brands in Canada that uses medical grade silicone, where the silicone can be added with platinum and peroxide, the benefits of platinum grade silicone is due to its high purity, which have less chemical substance inside, an example will be the surgery breasts, it uses this type of material. During the production, the platinum grade silicone needs to endure up to 150 Celsius, on the other hand, if the cupping is made by peroxide then the cup might have a bit odour and will need to air out for some times, some branded even uses the plastic as cupping material, which is often not safe for the skin. That is why Jade Soft chose the platinum one, it’s safe, odorless and anti-bacterial.

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