Cupping bruises
For cupping treatment, it is now believed does not leave bruises per se, but rather an evidence of toxins and unwanted liquids present in the body. Treating with cupping gives surface to those unwanted liquids by stimulating the muscles and body tissues in stagnation. The argument is that bruising as such can not be said to be happening because bruising is actually caused by impact on the surface of the area of trauma. Though it is true that for the most part you will find a lot of information online for convenience purposes, talking about cupping bruises.   How long do the marks last for? Now that, we have established that cupping therapy detoxification involves hematoma bruising, and what they really are, let us get to the original question. How long do cupping marks last for? For starters, the more serious the issue at hand is, the more stagnation is found in the tissues of the patient. That is why there are different colors of marking found left by cupping treatment. The darker the color, the longer it will take for the markings to fade. So depending on the type of marks left, times will differ. Bruising can last between a few days (2-3) to up to several weeks (3).   How do I after-care for bruising? Something to think about when preparing to be cupped related to the length of the bruising, is how to take care of your bruised-self afterwards. It is important to keep the area that was cupped, well protected. Do not expose yourself to extreme weather temperatures, as well as do shy away from pools and baths. Also, try not consume toxic substances that will slow down the process of detoxification. Instead, it is better to drink a lot of water in the days following your cupping session. It is important to bare in mind that the length of the marks left will also relate to the type of cupping used by the health practitioner. The two most used types are dry cupping and wet cupping. Depending on the intensity of the cupping treatment and the frequency of the sessions, possible side effects can become permanent such as scarring in the treated areas. It is also important to keep in mind that. Now that you know more about the afters of cupping therapy, maybe you’d like to try it for yourself at first. There is a huge trend in self treating cellulite for example, with silicone cupping, here is where to buy cupping sets in Canada that are reliable and long lasting.
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