Is cupping good for anxiety?

Is Cupping Good for Anxiety?

As one of the most popular alternative therapy, Cupping Therapy Detoxification offers multiple benefits that can improve the overall health by applying pressure to the muscles and pulling the skin upwards. Even though different people choose cupping for different reasons, the majority of them find they always relax and feel good after the cupping session. Thus some people start to wonder, is it possible that cupping is good for anxiety? 

What is anxiety?

Before considering whether cupping is good for anxiety, let us find out what is anxiety. Anxiety is a natural emotion response of human body to stress. However, it becomes a disorder if a person is anxiety does not disappear or even get worse over time. It is worth mentioning that anxiety is not depression, but if it is left untreated, it can be seen as a pre-factor leading to depression.

How does cupping work?

Cupping is a technique that helps to remove toxins and impurities from the body. When cupping is performed on a patient, the blood circulation of the overall body will be improved. Therefore, every cell receives enough oxygen and nutrient in order to properly function.

What are the methods of cupping?

There are two popular methods of cupping which are stationary cupping and glide cupping. Glide cupping involves applying massage oil or cream to the targeted areas on the skin. The practitioner need to place the cups over the areas and glides the cups over the body. And for the stationary cupping, the practitioner need to place the cup on the selected area of the body and leave them there for a period of time. 

How cupping helps anxiety?

Cupping does not help with anxiety directly, it helps anxiety through parasympathetic nervous system. When your practitioner glides the cups across your body, the motion triggers your parasympathetic nervous system. Then the activated parasympathetic nervous system will produce a calm and relaxed feeling in your mind and body. Therefore, the sense of anxiety and stress are reduced immediately. 

Please notice that cupping is not suitable for all people. If you have a bleeding disorder or have skin ulcers or edema, do not do cupping because it can be dangerous to your body. If you are pregnant, be cautious when you come to do cupping, and remind your practitioner that you lower back and abdomen should not be touched during cupping sessions.

What does a certified cupping practitioner do to reduce anxiety?

A certified cupping practitioner will recommend the combination of glide cupping and stationary cupping to a person who has anxiety. The glide cupping will be performed during the first session along the back spine. And for the following session, the practitioner will rely on massage and stationary cupping to detoxify, depending on the responses of the patient. In order to increase healing of the body, the practitioner may also provide you a diet plan as well.

In short, people should treat anxiety correctly because it is a pre-factor leading to depression. And cupping therapy is an effective alternative therapy for anxiety. If you want to relieve the intensive sensation and relax, you can always help yourself by doing cupping therapy. 


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