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Thousands of Canadians are jumping onto alternative treatments like acupuncture and cupping therapy to remedy their chronic back pain. But, how do you know it’s working – if you’re not getting immediate relief, you might interpret this to mean it’s useless for you. Some couldn’t be any more wrong.   

buy cupping sets for chronic back pain in canada at

If you’re concerned about whether cupping is working or not for your chronic back pain, here’s where to start. Cupping should be a relaxing experience. If you’re uncomfortable, if uncontrollable thoughts are running through your head, or if you have anxiety focusing on whether it’s working or not, you may not be so relaxed. If you can’t enjoy yourself while getting cupping, there’s almost no point in trying it. Anyone going in thinking it’s not going to work, that it’s going to be uncomfortable or painful, it’s probably not going to be a positive experience.   Secondly, are you doing cupping enough to see a long-term benefit from it – most aren’t. It’s recommended for the average person that they should receive at least one cupping or massage session per month. While alternative treatments can add up in expense, if you’re suffering from chronic back pain, what you need is probably more than a cupping treatment per month. You may be recommended anywhere from 1-3 cupping sessions a week. If you can’t afford to go to a cupping practitioner, the next best thing is to buy a silicone cupping set from and complete it yourself from home.   Thirdly, you may not be having immediate chronic back pain relief from cupping however it may be slowly be working on other parts of you which could slowly be reducing your pain levels. Cupping’s excellent for increasing blood circulation and improving digestion, as an example. These things can help to reduce pain and discomfort in individuals with chronic pain. Fourthly, ask yourself if your cups are being applied in the correct places. Cupping massage involves knowing where to place what cups, how long to leave them on, and if you’re moving them, how and where to move them to. Lastly, you may walk away from a cupping massage not sure if it worked or not because you’re not sore. Let’s be clear in saying if you’re getting sore from cupping, there’s something wrong as this isn’t a typical reaction. A deep tissue massage initiates soreness because a practitioner’s pressing down on the whole of the body. Cupping doesn’t do that. Even if you’re not sore afterwards, it doesn’t mean the treatment hasn’t worked. Some of the effects are immediate while others take time to present. If you’re not getting any benefit from cupping, ask yourself questions and see where things have gone wrong.   For more information about cupping, where to buy silicone cupping sets for at-home use, and benefits of cupping, visit today.

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