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Cupping is known for the discolored circles they leave behind but its benefits have been hyped big-time as something almost miraculous for tight back muscles. How real are the benefits of cupping though – that’s a question we’re hoping to address. If you suffer from back pain, you may be looking for alternative back pain therapies other than prescription medications. Enter in cupping, an ancient art originated in China which uses suctioning to lift the muscle up and away allowing blood to rush in and those muscles to repair. Similar to a deep tissue repair, instead of pressing the muscle down in a massage, cupping lifts them up. Back pain is unfortunately something a lot of us suffer from. Everyday habits like staying seated, how we sleep, what we eat, and our workouts can put stress and pain on the body. As we eat various things, we also accumulate a certain level of toxicity in our bodies which are usually processed in our kidneys. Sometimes though, our circulatory system is not able to flush out all the toxins. So we’re left with this toxicity in our bodies which only serves to make back pain worse. Problematic areas all over the back are easily addressed with cupping for back pain.

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Cups can be made from various materials, including glass or silicone. Silicone cupping sets in particular are known to be effective and easily manipulated to mold the muscle. In addition, silicone cups can suction using only hand pressure which is most effective for at-home use. In a cupping session, four or more may be applied on the back and left there for up to 20 minutes. Cupping’s not painful and in fact, after a single session, you’re likely to see a difference in the intensity of your back pain. There’s a lot of hype about cupping for back pain and other health conditions. Not everything you read is going to be true about cupping. It’s not something that’s going to be a cure for all pain however it can help in the same way a massage can and can be performed at home with silicone cupping sets. The round red marks and discoloration you may see on Olympic athletes, Instagram celebrities, and Hollywood A-listers only last a few days or a week. Cupping’s all about initiating relaxation for the muscles. If you have tight, tense muscles, cupping for back pain may be exactly what you need to remedy the discomfort. Shop your silicone cupping sets at or choose glass or plastic. Tap into the power of alternative medicine and begin treating your back pain in a sustainable way. Shop these at

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