Why Jade soft Silicone Cupping, and not the others?
As you may all know, cupping has been existed for centuries. Cupping has been back as widely used, and a good medical alternative. Since it is still popular now, it has rumors saying that they heal pain, they help resolving muscle tensions, and they truly help its blood circulation. Today, I am not here to explain to you what are the benefits, or why are people still using cupping therapy. But the difference between silicones cupping sets. Why using certain cupping is better than another. There is the factor of who is manipulating the cups, such as, if you are a professional, you will be tired of holding those rigid cups for too long. Or if you have difficulty in holding those harder cups, it would not be beneficial for you. This is why at Lierre.ca, we have an exclusive silicone cups; Jade Soft. As their name says it, they are softer than ever. They are only available to Lierre ! In addition, Jade Soft is made with a higher liquid silicone materials and is manufactured in a higher temperature, this is why it is softer than the others.   Benefits of Jade Soft silicone cupping set:
  • Easier to manipulate
  • More pliable
  • Color is still transparent, you can still see what you are doing, or whether the suction is good enough
  • The color is pretty, beautiful fading green, the Jade color
  • Flexible
  • Adaptable to any corner of your arms, or difficult area to cup usually
  • Good suction, better holding
  • Glide better
If you are trying to use these at home, they are quite easy to manipulate, especially compared to the glass cups. You essentially, only need to use massage oils, gels or lotions, then you are ready to go! They are the most innovative silicone cupping sets out there, so you should definitely try them out! Make sure you do not use it on:
  • Fresh cuts, bruises, or other injuries
  • Sunburns, deep scars, rashes, or irritated/damaged skins
Note: Although they are silicone cupping set, they may also leave some marks to your body. Because of their suctions, they may leave some bruises. However, you do not have to worry much, those marks usually stay to a week, or even after two or three days.
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