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So many essential oils out there and used in so many different ways, how do you know which essential oil’s right for your needs?

Essential oils are very potent, having been around for centuries. They are presented in different scents, flavors, and with many beneficial properties for skin, hair, and overall healthcare. How to choose an essential oil comes down to what you’re using it for. For example, lavender doesn’t work the same way that peppermint does. Here’s a quick rundown on popular essential oils, benefits, and what they’re used for.


When rose is inhaled, it’s known to reduce anxiety and has various antioxidant properties. As an essential oil, rose is used to treat acne and is believed to help maintain the appearance of youth.


Hyssop is a sweet-scented herbal essential oil, oftentimes referred to as a healing agent. Hyssop gets used directly on the skin to minimize scaring and decrease inflammation.


Frankincense has a certain Christmas-esque or holiday vibe to it. Frankincense has all kinds of applied uses, including as a disinfectant, antiseptic, digestive assist, and astringent. Frankincense is one of the safer essential oils with no major side effects other than potential skin sensitivity.

Ylang ylang

If you want to buy essential oils in Canada, ylang ylang is certainly a great option. Spicy and sweet, ylang ylang is known to help relax mind and body, build self-esteem, and some will argue even helps to repel insects.

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