Essential oils for winter in Canada from Canada | Black Friday/Cyber Monday Deals

Aromatherapy as a healing modality has been used in a number of ways, like using essential oils derived from plants and trees. During the dark winter months, Canadians are turning to aromatherapy to help combat the usual list of problems that come with the change of season.

Compromised immune systems, holiday stress, and seasonal depression can all be combated using essential oils. Here are the best essential oils to use in winter, narrowing it down to our top three recommendations.


1. Frankincense

Frankincense is a very reliable essential oil, with potent anti-inflammatory properties. The use of frankincense is used to support strong immune system response and is known to alleviate autoimmune reactions or symptoms relating to conditions like lupus. In a nutshell, this is a great essential oil for balancing the nervous system. This helps to relax us, makes us less anxious, and evidently can make us feel less depressed which can be essential to anyone who suffers from seasonal affective disorder or winter depression.

Frankincense essential oil from Canada | Black Friday/Cyber Monday Deals


2. Peppermint

Are you looking to buy essential oils in Canada – look no further than peppermint. Peppermint is a natural energizer, helping to perk up a person in the darkness of a dreary winter. With this, peppermint essential oils are very common in spas and health centers throughout winter. Peppermint is adaptive, helping us clear our minds and our nasal passages. This can be used to ease colds and congestion as well. If you have a home office or are looking for a way to refocus your mind, peppermint is a very friendly scent that you’ll want to have around.

Peppermint essential oil from Canada | Black Friday/Cyber Monday Deals


3. Sweet Orange

Sweet orange is a mild sedative, perfect to help with late night, sleep-friendly relaxation. It’s a mood booster, is known to uplift, and is very useful around winter. Sweet orange essential oil has a number of health benefits to ensure your immune system stays perked up, and will help you make it through winter without the hassle of a cold and flu. Sweet orange should be a part of anyone’s basic aromatherapy collection, ready to use when the weather turns cold.


Don’t let the cold season dominate you this year. Even if you get trapped inside with a cold, there’s always ways to help ease symptoms with essential oils and healthy diet to get you back on your feet. In fact, there are dozens of other essential oils you can use for this purpose and throughout winter in Canada. All are available through Canada’s own They’re easy to order, and re-order if you run out. All from a single place, you don’t even need to your home to receive your winter collection of essential oils. Shop with today!

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