7 Physiotherapy Products That Can Help You Heal Faster

Physiotherapy, or physical therapy, is used to treat an injury or physical health condition. It’s typically done to help either heal the body or to make the quality of life for the recipient a little better given the nature of their physical limitations.

How physiotherapy is done is usually through means of massage, heat/cold therapy, and specific exercises. This is in contrast with other methods of rehabilitation or health management, i.e., medications or surgery.

Physiotherapy does not necessarily need to be done for an injury, either. It can simply be a way to promote, maintain, or restore one’s health, such as an athlete who does some physiotherapy at the end of a long day to ensure the healing and regain their strength.

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IASTM tools are used for manual therapy, digging into tissue in a way that the hands cannot. They’re usually made from materials such as stainless steel and used for soft tissue mobilization. Applying them with the right technique, IATSM tools can relieve stress and facilitate healing.

Spiky Massage Ball

A spiky massage ball is a pretty straightforward-looking physiotherapy product. Don’t let its simplicity fool you. A spiky massage ball allows you to massage almost any part of the body without involving a massage therapist. As a deep tissue trigger point tool that helps you relax and prevents muscular tensions, this ball can effectively stimulate the body acupuncture points. 

Spiky Massage Roller Stick

A spiky massage roller stick is another version of a spiky massage ball and is equally helpful, particularly as it relates to massaging the back. They’re also great for trigger point massages and anywhere there may be a knot in the muscle. 

TheraBand Stability Disc

A TheraBand stability disc is all about building the core muscles. It can be used in various ways to train a stronger core. If you are hyper-focused on training your core, this is a physiotherapy accessory that may be helpful.

Kinesiology Tape

Kinesiology tape helps to take pressure off injured tissue, allowing it to heal and facilitate better movement. For acute injuries, such as muscle soreness from the gym, kinesiology tape can help move you towards a better performance and faster healing times. Like Dynamic Tape, the brand uses biomechanical technique to make extremely soft and highly comfortable tape to manage muscle strains, ligaments sprain as well as overuse. These tapes are excellent option for people with sensitive skin.

TheraBand Resistance Band Set

The TheraBand resistance band set is one of the most helpful ways to start and wind down a workout. It helps to warm the muscles and stretches them out properly while safely training, mobilizing, and strengthening muscle groups. For someone who isn’t advised to lift weights, this is a way to get started.

Booster Percussion Massage Gun

The Booster percussion massage gun offers a deep massage directly into the tissue. If you enjoy intense massages that really dig into the muscle, the Booster massage gun provides you the opportunity to give yourself the massage without having to rely on someone else.


These are some of the ways that an athlete, person with an injury, or someone with a chronic health condition may be able to heal and improve their quality of life in an immediate and long-term sense. Pick up your physiotherapy on Black Friday sale at Lierre.ca.

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