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First of all, we are talking about how to reduce the emergency lower back pain. It is used by some Chinese acupuncturists for herniation or acute sprain to reduce the lower back pain immediately. It could effectively reduce the pain while the effect would last for a long time. Do not use this acupuncture point if patients have edema of nerve roots inflammation. As we know that SI 3 (Hou Xi) or SI 6 (Yang Lao) are very often used for reducing lower back pains. But the acupuncture point we introduced today is different. It is located between SJ 4(Yang Chi) and LI 11 (Qu Chi). It is on the one quarter of the line between SJ4 and LI 11 near LI 11. If you still not sure about the location, here is a picture for you to identify the acupuncture point location.

acu relaxo needles

 The patient could stand or sit when you insert the acupuncture needle. But the patient forearm should keep in front of chest, horizontal which is parallel to the group and palm face the chest. Practitioner should insert the needle at 45 degree. After the insertion, practitioner could spin the acupuncture needles around radial bone to keep stimulation. Practitioner could also manipulate the acupuncture point depends on your experience. If you want to reduce the left side of lower back pain, insert needle on right side. If you want to reduce the right side of lower back pain, insert needle on left side. Usually, patients will feel distending and aching pains. If the patients suffered from acute sprain, patients should do some movements when needling. The lower back pains, distending and aching pains will disappear very soon. If the patients suffered from herniation, they do not have to do movements. And the lower back pain will reduce when needling. Some patients said the lower back pains reduced immediately when the needle insert into this acupuncture point. It is really a good treatment point. Traditional Chinese medicine has its own power to help patients recover from illness. You could practice several times before needling on your patients. In the meantime, we suggest you use great quality acupuncture needles to insert acupuncture needles smoothly into the point and prevent the needle from bending when you manipulate the needles. We recommend silicone-coated ShinLin and Acu Relaxo acupuncture needles for smooth insertion. As for better manipulation, we recommend non-coated acupuncture needle-Zagu. Although Zagu is non-coated, it is very sharp and will not cause insertion pains. If you are looking for acupuncturists who could treat lower back pains in Laval area, we recommend Clinic d'Acupuncture Laval. About the acupuncturist: Xiao Lei Wang is a professional TCM therapist with Quebec registered acupuncturist licence. He focuses on helping patients with Traditional Chinese medicine including acupuncture, moxibustion and cupping therapies. You can find more about him on his own acupuncture clinic website. You could also book an appointment on the website. All rights reserved for Lierre Blog.

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