Acu Relaxo acupuncture needles are recognised for their smooth, painless insertion and their innovative design. Manufactured using only the finest German stainless steel and with points polished and ground using precise automated technology, these needles are consistently among the smoothest and sharpest available on the market. Not only appropriate for sensitive and nervous patients, these silicone-coated acupuncture needles are ideal for them: patients often will barely feel them as they easily penetrate their skin. [embed][/embed] With their practical guiding tube and copper loop handle, Acu Relaxo acupuncture needles are easy to manipulate and insert with precision. Acu Relaxo represents the newest and best in technological innovation in acupuncture needle production. Their products meet practitioners’ needs, providing a smooth and painless insertion, and maximizing patients’ comfort during treatments.
  • Individually packaged needles
  • Super quality controlled by advanced computer technology
  • Silicone coated needle shafts ensures nearly painless insertion
  • Copper wire-wound loop handle tops
  • Individually packaged with 100 needles per box
  • This package size is perfect for practitioners who want to try these needles out
Acupuncture needle quality depends on the type of the stainless steel and on the standards met by the needles’ manufacturing process. Acu Relaxo acupuncture needles are made with the highest quality German stainless steel, and their shaft is refined to perfection through repeated polishing: the silicone-coated needle shaft surface becomes incredibly smooth, and they slide easily into the skin. Needle tips are ground using a computer controlled automated system, ensuring that each and every Acu Relaxo needle is exactly as fine-pointed and sharp as any other one.These processes make these needles’ insertion a reliably near-painless experience. Acu Relaxo Acupuncture Needles Compared with the popular brands of acupuncture needles in the market, Acu Relaxo needles are competitive both in its quality and affordability. 

Acu Relaxo

Comparble Brands

One box $5.6/box (100 needles) $9/box (100 needles) 37.78%
5 bulk $45/box (1000 needles) $55/box (1000 needles) 18.18%
Acu Relaxo needles have traditional copper-wound loop handles, which make them very easy to manipulate. These handles make it possible to control the needle with such precision that they can be inserted gradually and to the exact depth desired. Each acupuncture needle is fitted into a clear guiding tube, and held in place by small,removable colour coded tabs. These small plastic wedges make different needles sizes instantly identifiable, and practitioners can distinguish between needles effortlessly even during the most hectic, demanding treatments.
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