Benefits of a Humidifier in the Fall

Autumn is here. The crisp air. The colorful foliage running across our streets. The chance to pull out our favourite scarves and fall favourites on the dinner plate.

Fall is a thrilling time of year. Unfortunately, it has its downsides as well.

Every fall, the air gets dry. The humidity drops with the temperature. This can have a significant impact on one’s health.

It becomes easier to catch a cold, flu, or new strain of influenza as we move indoors. The dry conditions also cause our sinuses, throat, and nose to get itchy and flaky. This is where a cup of warm tea or a hot shower can do you good. That said, you can’t stay in the shower all-day.


A Humidifier Increases Moisture in the Air 

All these issues we’ve mentioned and others that come with the dry cold air of fall can be fully resolved with a humidifier. The Naturaroma Humidifier increases humidity levels throughout a space. This eases symptoms. This makes breathing easier. This does a lot of very good things for one’s health.


Reduce Cold And Flu Symptoms With A Humidifier

Cold and flu symptoms are most noticeable when they irritate. Dry conditions irritate. Add a humidifier and you add moisture which sets in on your sinuses, throat, and nose. In a matter of minutes, the discomfort of any cold or flu wash away.


Improve Allergies And Asthma Symptoms With A Humidifier 

Once again, respiratory difficulties are triggered by dry air. The benefits of a humidifier in the fall are helping to eliminate these difficulties for at-risk Canadians. If you have asthma or are taking medication affecting your respiratory tract, a humidifier can make a major change to your day-to-day. Reduce coughing and wheezing, and keep your lungs lubricated. You might not even be aware of the difference a humidifier can make come fall and winter until you use one. If you have allergies or asthma, try it!


Moisturize Your Skin With A Humidifier

This benefit is one we can all appreciate. Dry air negatively affects skin disorders. Skin needs moisture to heal itself. The drier the air, the worse off your skin will be. Anyone with rosacea, eczema, psoriasis, or a similar skin condition, managing symptoms is challenging come fall. Humidifiers are always adding moisture in the air. This helps everything from your facial skin to inflamed knuckles and cracking elbow skin.


Breathe Easier Overnight And Sleep Restfully With A Humidifier

A lot of bad sleep can be connected to sleeping in dry air conditions. No more waking up with a cough or a sore dry throat before you’ve spoken a word. A humidifier working overnight will moisturize your nasal passages, chest, mouth, and throat, ensuring you sleep comfortably throughout the nighttime hours. Sleep peacefully.


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