Can Acupuncture Help You Have Better Sex? You Might Be Surprised

The thought of acupuncture having an effect on one’s sex life is something that doesn’t often come up by people seeking out this form of alternative therapy or traditional Chinese medicine (TCM). Most people come to acupuncture wanting help with chronic pain, a muscle injury, lower back pain, cold and flu symptoms, and similar conditions. Yet science has shown us that there is a correlation between acupuncture and sex in certain circumstances. Here’s what we definitively know.

What is the TCM Approach to Sex?

In Western medicine, medications are often provided as a response to low sex drive, difficulty reaching orgasm, or impotence. Any dysfunction relating to the sex organs or sexual function is prescribed a pill.

In TCM, the approach to sexuality and sexual function is that sex is influenced by physical, psychological, and spiritual factors. If the mind and body are not working together holistically, fulfilling sex is unachievable.

Sexual health problems are often seen as stemming from energy blockages. A way to resolve energy blockages and open up those energy pathways is through acupuncture. Thin acupuncture needles inserted into specific points on the body can restore balance and enhance the flow of sexual energy. This is the belief of traditional Chinese medicine, or TCM.

Ways Acupuncture Can Help Your Sex

There are already a lot of reasons to go reaching for acupuncture supplies on Black Friday. These are the ways acupuncture can help you have better sex.

  • Stress kills sex. If you’re nervous or you’re stressed, you may not be able to perform as you hope. Like incense, acupuncture kills stress, too. It relaxes and calms the body and puts it in the perfect mood for sex. Cortisol, a common stress hormone is reduced, and you’re left more relaxed.
  • Acupuncture can increase libido. Low libido is often seen stemming from an energy imbalance but with acupuncture, you can resolve this sort of imbalance while also improving blood circulation and oxygen flow to the genital area. This will make arousal and sexual desire more prominent, stimulating and enhancing pleasure in this area.
  • You may be surprised to learn that some people find acupuncture helps them achieve more fulfilling orgasms. The body is functioning more efficiently, you’re more relaxed, and for someone who has trouble reaching orgasm, this allows that desire and energy to get into the right areas and stimulate that response. The sort of stagnation in the body holding you back is broken.

Many people with sexual health issues have been helped through TCM and acupuncture. It’s another tool in alternative medicine or natural medicine to resolve what can be a frustrating problem. If you want to try acupuncture sessions, you can search acupuncture near me online. Please look carefully and choose the certificated acupuncturists for acupuncture. 


Sexual health is one of several areas helped by routine acupuncture. If you’re frustrated and think you’re out of options, schedule an acupuncture session how a local acupuncture clinic and see how you feel afterward. Find the best in acupuncture supplies, acupuncture needles, and TCM accessories on Black Friday sale at

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