How Effective is an Anti-Cellulite Cupping Therapy Set?

An anti-cellulite cupping therapy set is made from silicone. These sets are told to be an effective and natural way to minimize the appearance of cellulite. Their effectiveness, however, has been doubted. After all, cellulite is a permanent feature of the skin. It’s almost impossible to remove or treat in any way.

With cupping, cups are placed on the skin. Suction is applied and the vacuum effect lifts the surface tissue. The result is stimulation of the skin and tissue, distinctly different than massage therapy. Cupping, as it relates to cellulite, will drain fluids and toxins from the area albeit temporarily. Although it is a short-term effect, the results are real.

The Black Friday season of the year is a great opportunity to buy an anti-cellulite cupping therapy set if you have cellulite you want to treat.

Here is a look at the effectiveness of anti-cellulite cupping and why you may opt-in on this all-natural treatment.

What Does Cupping Do?

Cupping therapy does several things. It applies negative pressure to the skin which drains accumulated fluids, toxins, and other chemical compounds. It also helps with circulation. There are different types of cupping as well, including cups that are made from silicone, glass, or bamboo.

For anti-cellulite cupping therapy, we recommend using silicone cups and to practice ‘dry cupping.’ Dry cupping means the skin is not pierced. Wet cupping is when the skin is pierced, blood is drained out into the cup, and it’s a lot more graphic and riskier compared to dry anti-cellulite cupping.

What Are the Results of Anti-Cellulite Cupping?

Anti-cellulite cupping studies and scientific research on the subject are few and far between. A lot of individuals report amazing benefits, albeit temporarily. As nothing can cure cellulite, with cupping, you are providing temporary effects.

A study in 2015 highlighted how dry-moving cupping therapy done 10 times for 5 weeks did decrease the grade of cellulite in female patients. With cupping therapy, the results aren’t going to show up after a single session. It takes repeated and continued use to continue yielding the advantages of cupping therapy.

In this respect, the effectiveness of anti-cellulite cupping therapy is temporary but fair. If you’re someone with cellulite which is bothersome, cupping is a simple and all-natural tool you can use to combat the look of it.

You can even do cupping at home with a silicone cupping set. Just be sure to apply some massage oil beforehand and to ensure the skin is clean prior to cupping. Gently squeeze your cups to get suction going. Slide the cup back and forth over the skin for 10-15 minutes per area. Repeat two or three times per week.


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