You’ve probably already found gifts for your nearest and dearest – but what about the rest of the people you’re seeing for the holidays? The list often gets pretty long, with cousins, family friends, and distant relatives adding up to a dizzying number of gifts. It’s often easier to just get everyone the same thing, but then the catch is that it can come across as impersonal, and it can be just as expensive as individual gifts. Making do-it-yourself homemade presents for everyone, then, can spare you both of these worries: it’s both affordable and more personal. Here is one of our favourite winter essential oil blends: divine-essence-organic-cinnamon-15ml divine-essence-organic-orange-15ml   divine-essence-organic-fir-balsam-15ml Feel free to double, triple, or otherwise multiply this recipe! Versatile and festive, this scent blend can be used in baths, soap, diffusion, and even mixed into a neutral hand cream. To learn more about different mixes, consult our guide: Guide to Mixing Essential Oils, Part 1 To learn how to make a massage bar with this blend, consult our blog post: How to make your own aromatic massage bar Lierre offers only the finest quality of organic, fair trade essential oils from the Divine Essence lines. Our essential oils are selected for their therapeutic qualities as well as their outstanding scents, and we aim to accomodate massotherapists and aromatherapy enthusiasts alike.These essential oils can be diffused, poured into a foaming bath, integrated into a wide variety of skin care and massage products, and even mixed into wax to create scented candles – the possibilities are inexhaustible! If you are interested essential oils or related products, you can visit at Lierre Essential Oils. Lierre offers the best quality acupuncture needlesmassage tablesmassage accessoriesclinic supplies,  personal care productsmassage supplies, and more at great prices. You can find out more great products at

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