How Can I Make My Massage Table More Comfortable?

The quality of your massage table is everything. It should be clean, sanitized, and comfortable for your client. Here are some important strategies you can use to make your massage table comfortable, warm, and welcoming to your next guest.

Buy A Good Quality Table

Start with a premium-grade massage table that you know is comfortable and professional.

Clean After Every Use

Ensure you are cleaning and sanitizing your massage tables after every use. You do not want transfer of bacteria and germs from one client to the next.

Have A Massage Sheet Set

Dress your massage table the right way. Have your massage linens and sheets ready. This includes a fitted sheet that protects your table, a flat sheet for draping over your client, and a pillowcase for the head rest.

Use Neutral Tones

Each person is different. Someone will want a luxury spa massage experience and others will want a more colorful, world traveler kind of look. In an effort to please every client, try to stick with neutral tones in your décor on and around the massage table.

Have Adequate Cushioning

Ensure you have massage pillows ready for different positions. You may want to invest in a plush covering or other ways to pad your massage table and add comfort.

Do Not Reuse Massage Sheets

Always use clean massage sheets. Do not reuse massage sheets for back-to-back clients. If you do not like to clean massage table sheets, you can try Disposable Paper Sheet 25 pcs/box from These lightweight, durable and comfortable can free your hand from washing. 

Add Width to Your Massage Table

Some clients may be uncomfortable on a narrow table. If yours is particularly narrow, you might want to invest in attachable arm rests to eliminate potential stress on the shoulders.

Choose The Right Linens and Sheets

Choose high-quality, professional-grade massage table sheets and linens for your table. Cotton, fleece, flannel, percale, and other types of sheets are best.

Use Hot-Cold Therapy

During a massage therapy session, you may offer warmth with a heating pad or a warming massage cream, or cold therapy with an ice pack or cold-based cream. Deluxe Electric Massage Table Warmer Pad is a good choice for you. With a controller of 8 temperature settings, this ETL certified electric pad can satisfy patients with differing temperature preferences as well as make them feel more comfortable.

Have A Comfortable Face Rest

The face rest is everything. It’s the least enjoyable aspect of a massage for a lot of clients. Invest in a face rest that’s comfortable, padded with cushion. Full Size Head Rest Cushion offered by is a great massage accessory that provides excellent support while keeping the pressure off clients’ eyes and noses. Compatible with most head rest bases, you can provide your customer a better massaging experience. 

Focus On the Massage Environment

To make your massage table more comfortable, make the room more comfortable. Add some aromatherapy with essential oils. Play some soft music. Dim the lighting. Create a spa-like atmosphere.


Your massage table is your own. Be creative and make it your own while prioritizing cleanliness and comfort. Provide a high-quality experience every time. Shop for the best in massage table supplies and massage tables at today. Our Black Friday Sale 2022 will start soon, don't miss out!

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