How Do You Use An Essential Oil Diffuser?

Diffusers come in all sorts of shapes and sizes, ranging from cheap models to trendy high-class essential oil must-haves.

The most common is the ultrasonic diffuser. Why they are preferred as an essential oil diffuser is because they do not denature the oil.

‘Denaturing’ occurs when an element such as heat is applied to the oil and changes its composition and aroma. When this occurs, the therapeutic benefits are minimized. Ultrasonic diffusers do not do that.

How Does An Ultrasonic Diffuser Work?

Your average diffuser is built with a reservoir filled with water and where you will add essential oils.

How to use an essential oil diffuser starts with learning how an ultrasonic diffuser works.

An old, traditional diffuser heats the water and converts it into a vapor. An ultrasonic diffuser employs ultrasonic vibrations at a frequency the human ear does not detect. Through these sound-waves, the water is agitated and the particles separate. The separating of particles facilitates a negative charge. They turn lighter than air. Then, with the essential oils in them, particles are carried into the air.

This is how an ultrasonic diffuser works quicker, more quietly, and more efficiently than alternatives.

Tips on How to Use An Essential Oil Diffuser

  • Do not overfill with water. There should be specific instructions in your ultrasonic diffuser manual on the maximum amount your device allows.
  • Ideally use distilled water or filtered water. Do not use mineral water or tap water which could contain sediments that will clog your diffuser.
  • Find a suitable place for your essential oil diffuser. If it is on wood or a porous surface, positioning a towel underneath can help protect the surface from the heat and moisture.
  • Position any objects that could be negatively impacted by essential oils or a light water spray away from the diffuser. These include electronics and books.
  • Only add oils after the diffuser is filled with water. Start with less than the recommended amount of oil and judge whether you prefer more. Even a larger room may only require two drops or less.

Do I Need to Clean My Ultrasonic Diffuser?

Yes. A diffuser uses water to disperse essential oils. It can potentially grow mold or mildew. Unfortunately, these spores will end up dispersed throughout the air if left ignored.

Ensure regular cleaning to minimize build-up. You always want your oils to remain as pure as possible and diluted efficiently.

How to clean a diffuser is simply with warm water and a little bit of rubbing alcohol. Use a small brush. Rinse and dry. That’s all you need! Get your ultrasonic diffuser in Canada from today.

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