How to Choose Medical Body Oils

Research Your Medical Body Oils

The medical oil you choose is tied to intent. There are medical oils to resolve pain, others to increase focus and productivity, some to elevate mood, and then, others to treat burns. Using medical oils incorrectly can be not only ineffective but also dangerous. Here is how to choose medical oils.

Any time you are buying plasters, balms, or medical Body oils, research the ingredients. Some TCM practitioners come up with their own concoctions or make their own oil. To do this safely and potently, of course, there is a lot of research involved.

A qualified aromatherapist should have the training and understanding on how to use oils to produce the intended effect.

This isn’t just about knowing what oils to use, either. It’s how to mix them, how to dilute them, what oils are not safe to ingest and which ones cause skin reactions, and so much more.

What Method to Apply Medical Oils

Do not use medical oils in a way that they are not intended to be used.

Any plasters, balms, or medical oils should indicate on the packaging what’s safe and what isn’t. Topical applications are common, however, some medical oils can be inhaled or ingested depending on the circumstances.

As it relates to topical application, some can be used with a compress, sprayed onto the skin, used in a bath, or massaged into the tissue. This is how to treat things like wounds or if there is a painful area of the body that you are looking to address.

A bath offers the best of both topical absorption and inhalation, providing a sort of dual effect although not all medical oils are adaptable to baths.

Do I Need to See An Aromatherapist For Help?

If you are not mixing your own oil, there are lots of medical oils out there on Black Friday deals available for purchase through sites like

A pre-mixed, branded medical oil bought from a safe source like can be used at home and can be a key part of one’s routine in treating symptoms of pain and discomfort. Most traditional Chinese medical oils are safe, especially when coming from a verified seller such as They also carry no risk in application.

Medical oils have been used for years in folk medicine in cultures around the world and are an alternative to often-dangerous pharmaceuticals that no doubt come with lots of potential consequences.

If you are interested in being your own aromatherapist and tapping into the power of medical oils, join us at and see what others are saying about these medical oil mixtures that have been in use for decades. You may be surprised to find out you can self-treat a range of health issues without having to lean on oral medications and riskier treatments.

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