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Why choose the right foam for massage table is important

Apart from the width, height and frames, another essential part of a massage table is the foam. Sometimes, it will be considered as the most important part of a massage table. It will give your clients the first impression of the treatments. In addition, thick, high quality foam could help a lot during your treatments. Therefore, getting the right density and thickness for your massage table is a vital choice regarding your massage table. How to choose a massage table with right foam? As we mentioned, thickness and density are two factors will affect the comfort level of a massage table.


Higher density foam usually is more durable than thinner foam with lower density. It will ensure a longer lifetime of a massage table. It makes the investment for a high quality massage table worthwhile. Some extremely cheap massage tables you might find on other websites, often tend to have thin foam with low density. A low quality massage table you could find on amazon or ebay might not help you with holding on clients. Here, we have an easy method for you to test the density of the foam. You could press into the foam and see how long it takes to return to its original consistency. If it takes too long to return, the foam density may not be as high as you expected to have.

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For most massage tables we could find on the market, the thickness is 2 inches, because it is the standard foam thickness. For most of the time, a 2.5 inches foam massage table could provide enough support during the therapies. It is cheaper than thicker foam which makes it a great option for students, hobbyists and beginning practitioners who has limited budget but looking for a standard massage table for treatments.   There is 2.5 inches thick foam massage table available on the market. It has a multi-layered soft foam system. It obvious that 2.5 inches foam is more soft and comfortable for clients. It is always not a bad idea for you spend around 90 dollars more to have a more comfortable massage table. At Lierre, we also find a classic massage table with 3 inches thick multi-layered soft-foam which also including ¾ inches of memory foam. According to the importance of comfort and appearances, 3 inches foam could provide more comfort for clients’ experiences. At the same time, it could provide more support for massage therapists and acupuncturists. All of these benefits, you only cost 22.2 dollars more than a 2.5 inches foam 28 inch massage table during this Easter weekend. It is really a great deal. All rights reserved for the Lierre Blog.

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