How to do gua sha yourself at home

Gua sha is a natural way used on face lifting. It needs easy and simple learning and  anyone can do gua sha by themself at home.

You just need to have the right gua sha tools as well as to understand the technique that needs to be applied.

Don’t be scared. You may see the scraping that happens with this ancient Chinese beauty technique and be intimidated. It’s not as rough and tumble as it looks!

If you haven’t yet gotten a decent idea on gua sha technique, you can find it in places like Instagram, YouTube, and on various beauty blogs.

To start, you need to find a qualified gua sha tools supplier locally or buy gua sha tools online. 

Any wellness expert will advise you to buy the right gua sha tool for the job. You may need to consider what massage you want to give in finding the answer i.e. facial gua sha, gua sha on your back, shoulders, etc.

All in all, if you’ve decided to do gua sha at home, here are a few helpful tips and recommendations to hang your hat on.

Start Slow

Gua sha tools thera crystals

It can be tempting to go very, very hard on your first day. Resist. A lot of us have reactive skin which means starting off excessively hard or even at a regular intensity may be too much. Be gentle.

Furthermore, if during a facial gua sha treatment, you notice your skin is breaking out or that there’s irritation, don’t stop doing it. Just move to a different area. Move away from the face, towards your neck, and give your skin some time to calm down.

It takes time for our bodies to react to something like gua sha. In time, your body will grow accustomed to it.

Build A Routine

As with any health, beauty, or skincare treatment, gua sha comes with short- and long-term benefits.

To get the true extent of advantages of gua sha, it has be done again and again. Create a routine. Build it into your daily face care treatments. Pick a time of day. Equip yourself with a favourite essential oil, and get started.

When you do gua sha day-in and day-out, you will see the results you see on beauty experts’ Instagram accounts.

Listen To What Your Body’s Telling You

Be mindful of your facial muscles. When you’re not giving them attention with gua sha, note throughout the day how you’re holding them.

An important aspect of getting the most out of gua sha is self-awareness. If you feel your face is tense, take a minute to let go. Pause what you’re doing, loosen everything up, and make it a habit to keep your muscles relaxed.

A lot of us hold tension in our faces. It can be difficult training ourselves to let it go. You will be pleased with the results though when you do.

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