How to Make Your Own Aromatherapy Massage Oil

Making your own homemade aromatherapy massage oil can be easily done at home. If you desire to save a few bucks, you may be able to by choosing a carrier oil and essential oils, combining them yourself.

There are lots of other reasons to make your own massage oil. You have full control over what essential oils you use, what carrier oil you choose, and are able to customize the massage therapy experience according to what you like and what you want to represent.

If you do choose to dabble making your own aromatherapy massage oil though, there is a specific route to follow.

1. Choose Your Carrier Oil

Start with a high-quality carrier oil. Fractionated Coconut Massage Oil from BioOrigin is an excellent base oil for aromatherapy which acts as a carrier for essential oils or oil infusions/extractions. It can be applied to all massage techniques since it is clear, non-greasy, and smooth after-touch.

You can find the best massage oils at, all quality-controlled and premium grade. There is a half-dozen oils at least you can find here.

2. Test Your Carrier Oil

A carrier oil may have an unexpected reaction with your skin. Always test it on your skin. For example, someone allergic to nuts is not going to want to buy a carrier oil made from a nut. Therefore, if you’re a massage therapy, you may want to have a few different aromatherapy massage oils at the ready.

3. Test Massage Oils

When you test your carrier oil, dab some on your wrist. Cover it with a bandage and leave it for a day. After 24 hours, if you notice a rash or any redness, try a different carrier oil until you have something that isn’t reacting with your skin.

4. Choose Your Essential Oil

After you have a carrier oil, the next step is to select your best essential oil. You can choose a unique blend of essential oils or go with a single pure essential oil. For example, Essential Oil Lavender, Sweet Orange and Rosemary Organic can be used separately or together. Orange Sweet essential relieves symptoms associated with mild anxiety, nervousness and insomnia; Lavender Fine essential oil helps relieve nervousness, irritability and worry, and to help with sleep; Rosemary Cineole essential oil helps relieve symptoms of chronic bronchitis, sinusitis and cough, as well as general fatigue and exhaustion. By blending these three essential oils together, you can get the most benefit from each.

5. Combine Your Carrier Oil with Your Essential Oil

Here is the recommended range of dilution you want to have the absolute best massage oil possible.

  • For 2.5% dilution, use 15 drops of essential oil for every 6 teaspoons of carrier oil.
  • For 3% dilution, use 20 drops of essential oil for every 6 teaspoons of carrier oil.
  • For 5% dilution, use 30 drops of essential oil for every 6 teaspoons of carrier oil.
  • For 10% dilution, use 60 drops of essential for every 6 teaspoons of carrier oil.

Possible Skin Reactions

Keep in mind that the carrier oil or the essential oil may cause a skin reaction. Common skin reactions include rashes, hives, redness swelling, itchiness, and other similar allergic reactions. If this happens, you have to find out what oil is causing it and make a switch.


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