Is Glass Cupping Better Than Silicone

How to Use Glass Cupping

Glass cupping therapy produces similar results to silicone cups, however, the technique of application is a little bit different.

With how to use glass cupping, the sensation is similar. Suction is created. The tissue is lifted. Circulation is brought into the area. The tension created from the suction is then released and therapy’s complete.

Silicone cups are fairly easy to use. On the other hand, glass cupping creates its suction by warming the air within the cup. How you warm the air is with fire. That’s right, fire! This is the traditional Chinese medicine way of doing cupping and harkens back to how the therapy was originally designed. Don’t let the thought of fire intimidate you, however. Here’s everything you need to know.

You start the fire in glass cupping with something like a piece of paper in the glass cup, some cotton, or burning fluid. All of these create heat. This pushes the air out. Once that’s done, a practitioner turns the glass cup over and applies it to the skin.

Does it hurt – no, it shouldn’t. Let’s say you choose to use cotton. You are only using a very small piece. Too much cotton and yes, that’s too much heat and too much material and that is uncomfortable on the skin. The littlest piece of cotton though set on fire with a lighter and then turned over on the skin will create a surprising amount of suction.

If you use burning fluid, take the same approach. Very little. Dab some alcohol on cotton and spread the alcohol around the glass with the soaked cotton. Remove the cotton. Then, light it. Very quickly, turn it the glass over on the skin.

All in all, you won’t feel the heat. This is because there is so little of it. There is not enough in a cupping set to maintain an extreme temperature. What you will feel is the suction. This will be identical to what you feel with silicone cupping.

Is Glass Cupping Better Than Silicone?

Glass cupping requires someone knowing what they’re doing to perform it properly. You do not want to be burned by improper technique. Silicone is a lot easier to use but it is still silicone. Practitioners who want to do true TCM cupping, glass is typically preferred.

Though sites like, you can find several glass cupping sets and other cupping and massage supplies. There are several Black Friday deals on these exact products, allowing any practitioner or anyone to gain access to glass cupping.

There is a lot of instruction online, including on YouTube, sharing how to use fire to create suction. These are worth checking in on if this is your first time doing glass cupping or if you want to upgrade, increase, or refresh your existing knowledge.

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