Is Silicone Cupping the Best All-Natural Cellulite Treatment that Works?

Cellulite is notoriously difficult to treat but silicone cupping therapy may provide a targeted therapy option for those in need of one.

Cellulite appears as a surface blemish but it’s more than that. It’s an accumulation of fat cells inside the connective tissue which is why it’s so difficult to remove. It commonly appears on the arms, stomach, buttocks, and thighs, giving the skin a bumpy and tightly appearance. Cellulite is also believed to be an interference in blood and lymphatic circulation.

What Is Anti-Cellulite Cupping?

Anti-cellulite cupping, like Jade soft® Anti-Cellulite Silicone Cupping Set, uses silicone cups to create suction in the exact area of the cellulite. It lifts the tissue, using gentle suction to do so. Though it doesn’t hurt, you definitely feel something happening. Then, after a few minutes, the suction is let go, and the tissue bounces back to where it was before.

How Do You Do Anti-Cellulite Cupping? 

Take an anti-cellulite silicone cup, pinch it, and place it on the area of the skin you want to massage or put pressure on. The silicone cup will suck the skin up. To make cupping most comfortable, it’s best to use massage oil or cream to keep the skin moisturized. Then a massage is performed, moving the pressurized silicone cup over the area being treated, typically up and down or in circular motions.

How Often Should I Do Anti-Cellulite Cupping?

Once you do your first few anti-cellulite cupping treatments, you may be excited to do more. More isn’t necessarily going to speed up the effects. Your skin needs time to bounce back and react. Most anti-cellulite cupping treatment sessions last at least 5 minutes per area, performed every day initially and then restricted to as little as 3 sessions a week for long-term cellulite maintenance.

Risks of Anti-Cellulite Cupping

There are very few risks to anti-cellulite cupping, however, it’s not recommended for people suffering from varicose veins or that have recently incurred stretch marks on an area. Any area bruised or wounded should not be cupped, either. A practitioner may also have other limits on who they’re willing to perform cupping on.

How Effective Is Anti-Cupping Cellulite?

You will know if anti-cellulite silicone cupping is working for you within 3-4 weeks. It generally takes this long for the skin to show a difference. In most people, the result is firmer, smoother skin. Though not a cure for cellulite, silicone cupping will reduce the appearance of what’s there and leave you with more attractive-looking skin.


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