The Truth is We Are More Likely to Defeat COVID-19 If We’re Wearing A Mask

Wearing a face mask does a lot of things. It protects others from any sort of droplets that unknowingly leave our mouths. It covers our nose and mouth, offering minor protection from airborne particles and droplets from others.

A face mask also communicates a certain level of seriousness to others. A recent study on coronavirus face masks showed for people wearing them, others were more likely to maintain social distancing.

One of the more controversial subjects spoken of during the COVID-19 epidemic has been whether to wear a face mask or not. Anti-face mask supporters have argued they weaken immune systems, will not do anything, or are forcing a choice onto them that they don’t agree with.

Multiple studies have shown that when a whole population wears a face mask, COVID-19 transmission goes down and in a significant way. At the end of the day, any argument against face masks can’t put up enough to go against the fact that they have and do save lives. Fortunately, face masks for sale are becoming a lot more common and they are easier to buy than they were earlier on in the pandemic.

Face masks do little to protect ourselves. However, they protect others. If we all wore them, transmission wouldn’t be possible as any droplets or coughs with the virus would catch. When wearing a face mask, we protect our most vulnerable and those with compromised immune systems who do not have the same ability as otherwise healthy Canadians to fight off the virus.

We all release tiny droplets of moisture when we speak, cough, or sneeze. These go airborne, usually landing on surfaces or others. As we catch these on our faces or hands, we transfer bacteria and any viruses into our bodies. This is how the common cold and flu spreads as well.

As a population, we must use every available tool to use to slow down and shut down the transmission of COVID-19. Sending everyone home and shutting down every business, it’s not possible to maintain long-term. People have to pay their bills. They have to work. The economy needs to keep going, one way or another.

For a lot of us, we’re going outside, meeting with family or friends, going to work, and making weekly trips to the grocery store. The best tools we have to minimize our COVID-19 risk is social distancing, mask-wearing, and being conscious of others. While many Canadians object to wearing a mask, the truth is that they’re a tool that works at keeping our population healthy. Considering others’ needs, we must be kind to one another and face masks work at doing just that.

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