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The best cupping sets online can be tough to find, with a few different brands to go by and everyone recommending something different. Through extensive research, we wanted to pull together what we think are the best cupping sets available today.

Cupping is used every day by athletes, Hollywood A-listers, Instagrammers, and people seeking relief from a wide variety of conditions from chronic pain to blood pressure trouble. At-home cupping sets allow a person to perform the process on themselves. Here’s a quick list of what we think to be the best cupping sets online which you can buy today and get shipped to your front step.


Hansol provides a cupping set online that is a top seller in Korea. They’re a popular go-to brand among cupping therapists and masseuses in the United States however this is not so much the case in Canada. Regardless, that doesn’t mean they’re any less on quality. The kit comes with a total of 19 cups, a hand pump, and a carrying case.

Lure Essentials

Lure Essentials’ Edge System is a 4-cup silicone cupping set (similar models at made from high-grade material. Any time you use silicone, there’s no need for heat, fire, or a vacuum pump. You’ll get all the internal suction you want through pressure, when you pick up a Lure Essentials’ silicone cupping set. This admittedly is a beginner’s kit, ideal for someone starting out with cupping although most will choose to go with something more extensive.

Acu Supply

Acu Supply’s 12-piece cupping set can tap into suction therapy as well as any other cupping set can. The 12-piece kit allows you to apply fire to the cup. There are 4 sizes total, which included textured finger grips and identifying labels which are molded into the glass walls. As with other cupping kits, these can ease muscle pain, are self-applicable, and includes comprehensive instructions on how.

buy best cupping sets online at
Jade Soft

Jade Soft is a highly affordable silicone cupping set in Canada customizable to the person. Choose from 4 cups, 6 cups, 10 cups, or a 12-piece kit as you see fit. Jade Soft has a wide range of different types of cups, perfect for the body as well as the face. They’re also small enough to be used on the ankles, knees, and wrists. Jade Soft is a high quality premium brand Canadians know and love. Safe and hygienic, they’re soft and gentle. No pumping nor fire is required. Also, all cups are made from environmentally friendly materials, perfect for anyone with sensitive skin.


If you’re looking for the best silicone cupping set to buy in Canada for you, you’ve definitely got options. Gentle and therapeutic, and with so many different uses, you’ll find these kits are high quality, easy to clean, simple to use, durable, portable, and watertight.

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