What Does the Science Say About Jade Facial Rollers – see here

Do jade facial rollers work – that’s the question a lot of readers have put to us. As one of the trendiest tools in skincare right now, crystal facial rollers have lit up social media with interest.

Usually viewed as a predominantly holistic and interpretational experience, some consumers don’t associate the benefits of facial rollers with real, undisputable science. They may dismiss crystals and products like facial rollers as fads, inaccurate, or just the placebo effect.

We thought we’d put the claims around jade facial rollers to the test. If they have a true effect, science should be able to measure exactly what’s happening and see the benefits objectively speaking.

First off, jade facial rollers must be used correctly. That is, with the right technique and pressure.

Secondly, one must differentiate between ‘claims’ and ‘benefits’. There are a lot of claims unmeasurable in nature. Terms like ‘zen’ and beauty cannot be quantified, in the same way a feeling achieved through use cannot always be duplicated person-to-person.

Now, some of the benefits to jade facial rollers that sellers advertise are things like improved elasticity and tone of the skin, increased collagen production, reduced puffiness and wrinkles, lymphatic drainage, reduced toxins, and pore-tightening.

The truth is that jade facial rollers work and they work well but they aren’t a solution to every skincare issue.

Science shows the effects of a crystal facial roller to be very similar to that of a facial massage. Circulation is stimulated which is a positive thing as this brings oxygen to the skin, calming inflammation and reducing toxins. The increased circulation also makes the skin appear more awake and brighter.

Lymphatic drainage occurs when we use a facial roller. Lymph is fluid. Draining it from our skin, muscles, and face helps to stimulate oxygen distribution and further pushes out any stagnant toxins.

In this sense, crystal rollers work. Where they may not work so well is with tightening pores and improving skin elasticity. While jade facial rollers can help in these areas, it is not guaranteed.

Scientifically speaking, the benefits to facial rollers are associated with stimulation. Arguably, similar benefits can be achieved through a facial massage. The thing is that using a jade roller’s much easier for most people and more pleasurable anecdotally speaking. This adds a lot in stimulating both the physical aspect as well as the mental component.

If you are on the fence about crystal facial rollers, the best advice is to try one. They’re an obsession for some because they really do make them feel more confident, beautiful, and it shows. If it can do that for them, it can do the same for you. It may seem strange to rub a crystal on one’s face, however, in a matter of a few days, you could see some very nice changes on your skin that justifies future use.

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