What is the Best  Yoga Mat Spray

Spraying down your yoga mat after a workout should be a part of your everyday routine. A breeding ground for bacteria, a quick spray is all that may be needed to eliminate bacteria, protect your health, and get a mat ready for your next yoga session.

Do I Have to Clean My Yoga Mat?

When you clean a yoga mat regularly, you ensure it keeps its soft, fitness-friendly texture. When sweat dries, it leaves behind a slippery surface. This isn’t to mention the uncleanliness of not cleaning your yoga mat. Should you clean your yoga mat – absolutely.

What is the Best Cleaner to Use On Your Yoga Mat?

Green Cricket Yoga Mat Spray

Check with who made your yoga mat. A yoga mat can be made from all sorts of materials, including cork, PVC, rubber, and synthetics. A yoga mat manufacturer may have specific recommendations on what can or cannot be used.

Can I Use A Chemical Cleaner On A Yoga Mat?

They do make yoga mat cleaners and all-purpose cleaners that will work on your yoga mat. Buying store-bought cleaners, however, have a tendency to leave behind chemical residue. Cleaners with natural ingredients are also on the more expensive side and are not needed. Homemade yoga mat spray is so easy to make.

What Do You Put In A Homemade Yoga Mat Spray?

A yoga mat spray has some very simple ingredients, all-natural and affordable.

Combine 3 parts filtered water and 1 part white vinegar. That’s it. If it’s ok on the yoga mat material, you may also add in some antibacterial essential oil and/or an essential oil with a fresh scent, a la peppermint, eucalyptus, or lavender

How Do You Use Homemade Yoga Mat Spray?

Once the ingredients of a DIY yoga mat spray have been mixed together in a spray bottle, hanging up your yoga mat somewhere is the first step. This can be on the back of a chair, if needed.

  1. Spray one side of the mat with your cleaner. Let it sit for a few minutes.
  2. Wipe down with a damp cloth.
  3. Flip the yoga mat over and spray down the other side, following the same instructions.
  4. After it’s been given a few minutes to sit, wipe it down.
  5. Let air-dry!

Can I Use Essential Oil On Yoga Mats?

Essential oils are safe on some yoga mats. They are unsafe on others. If a yoga mat has pores, absorbing oils is something to worry about. If you’re unsure, the best thing to do is to consult the yoga mat manufacturer instructions.

My Yoga Mat is Really Dirty. How Do I Clean It?

If your yoga mat hasn’t been cleaned in some time, a more thorough way to clean it is to fill a bathtub with warm water. Add a cup of vinegar and stir it in. Soak your mat in the tub for 30 minutes. Use a sponge to rub both sides of the mat in this process. Once the 30 minutes have passed, remove the yoga mat and rinse it thoroughly. Let it air-dry.

Please note, do not roll up your yoga mat before it has fully dried. It can mold. Drying takes 1-2 days on average.

If you are not the fan of DIY, you can try Green Cricket yoga mat spray, which contains 99.8% natural ingredients including lavender oil, tea tree oil and Ylang ylang oil. By using Green Cricket yoga mat spray your yoga mat not only be disinfected also be with pleasant smell!

Please be noticed that most of Yoga mat spray is not recommended to use on cork yoga mat. Usually, cork yoga mat can be cleaned with damp cloth.

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