What Not To Do With Your Gua Sha Tool In Your Skincare Routine

To achieve glowing, vibrant skin with a gua sha stone, there is a specific technique. If someone misapplies gua sha technique, there aren’t any risks involved although it could end up being a waste of your time. You won’t get the full extent of the results you desire. We’ve written several guides on how to use a gua sha tool but in this article, we delve into everything you’re not supposed to do. 

Don’t Do Gua Sha Dry

Always lubricate the skin with massage oil, moisturizer, or serum. This will provide the glide you expect. If you do gua sha dry, you run the risk of damaging the skin and compromising your technique.

Don’t Press In Too Harshly

Gua sha technique is to gently scrape the skin but it shouldn’t leave any cuts or bruising. Be firm and steady but not violent. All you’re doing is increasing bloodflow and using strokes to stimulate microcirculation of the soft tissue.

Don’t Do Gua Sha In A Rush

There is no way to rush gua sha. You have to have the time and patience to perform smooth strokes with care across your face and/or body. It’s the same way how you shouldn’t rush a massage. You don’t want to be on a time limit.

Don’t Use Gua Sha On Inflamed Skin

Unfortunately, if you have acne or skin blemishes that are exposed, do not perform the gua sha technique over it. This could potentially irritate the skin or cause the infection to spread. You can apply the flat part of the tool to the surface to cool the area. You can also perform gua sha surrounding the area to help draw out toxins and stagnation away.

Do Not Overdo Gua Sha

It’s easy to overdo gua sha for beginners. A gua sha session shouldn’t last longer than 10 minutes and no more than twice a day. If you overdo gua sha and do more, it could harm your skin. Regardless of whether there’s skin damage, let’s be clear in that too much gua sha will not lead to better results.

Don’t Do Gua Sha Sporadically

Certain gua sha benefits are immediate and short-term, and others are long-term. If you only perform gua sha sporadically, you aren’t going to get the full extent of its advantages. Perform gua sha at least two or three times a week to keep up with its benefits. Any less and you will see limited positive effect.

Don’t Use Only One Hand

This is somewhat negotiable but it’s optimal if you use both hands in your gua sha technique. Put one hand on the skin and the other on the stone, giving the right push and ensuring you’re sculpting effectively over the course of the process. Two hands provide more control and will create less friction.

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