What to Look for In A TDP Lamp

A TDP lamp, otherwise referred to as an infrared therapy lamp or acupuncture heat lamp, can help treat wounds, minimize pain, and treat a range of health symptoms. Infrared therapy lamps use light to penetrate the tissue, heating the bones, tissues, and cells at the source. The immediate impact of a TDP lamp decreases inflammation and facilitates a healing response in the body.

If you’ve ever been inside an infrared sauna, using a TDP lamp is not that much different. TDP lamps also differ in how they are designed, with slight variances in each model.

If you’re thinking about buying a TDP lamp online on Black Friday sale this year, here’s what to consider.

Read the Reviews 

Be sure to read the customer reviews on any TDP lamp you want to buy. This will give you insight into how effective the TDP lamp is and its overall quality. If there are lots of 1-star reviews, you’ll know it’s time to look elsewhere. If there’s a decent amount of positive attention, you can confidently say the lamp you have in front of you is the real deal.

Type of TDP Lamp

As electrotherapy became popular, more devices have been invented, too. There are four main types of TDP lamps, Mini Booster massage gun, Hi 5 Copper mini boster massager each with its own benefits. Especially TDP lamp are widely used by professional and public because this acupuncture heat lamp has features:

  • Tripod lamps have wheels on the bottom so that they can be moved throughout a space.
  • Light panel lamps are overly bulky and large in design, with a big rectangular or square panel that emits the light.
  • Desk lamps are small tabletop versions of TDP lamps and vary in intensity as well as effectiveness.
  • Handheld lamps are designed similar to a flashlight and are ideal for portable use.

Size of a TDP Lamp

You likely already have a space in mind for a TDP lamp. Ensure the lamp is appropriately sized for the area. A tripod TDP lamp is the largest generally, while a desk infrared therapy lamp is far smaller. All in all, most TDP lamps are fairly reasonably-sized and can be set up in more or less any room.


TDP lamps offer various wavelengths with some of the cheaper lamps not providing adequate wavelengths to do the work. The average TDP lamp for home use should have wavelengths between 600 and 1,400 nanometers.

Treatment Area

If you’re planning on treating a large area, i.e., your back, your TDP lamp is going must have the ability to cover that area. For small areas, such as the knees, it’s not as much of a problem. Purchasing the right size lamp will be the one that covers the entirety of the treatment area.


A lot of TDP lamps come with timers. Yours may not and that’s alright. However, many prefer a timer that suggests when treatment is going to be over and/or a timer that automatically turns off the lamp at a certain point.


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