Do I Have to Clean A Yoga Mat?

How Often to Clean A Yoga Mat

A yoga mat doesn’t stay fresh, odor-free, and clean on its own. A yoga mat has to be cleaned regularly.

If you have a yoga mat and you don’t already clean yours, there are plenty of reasons to start. A lot of yoga mats get absolutely covered in filthiness and grime, though this depends on their material.

Do you have to clean a yoga mat – yes, absolutely. Here’s how to do it without damaging it. Some of us take out a yoga mat once or twice a month. It’s not with regularity. Then, there are others who take theirs to hot yoga a few times a week. Either way, it’s going to eventually be covered in sweat and debris.

What to Use to Clean A Yoga Mat

Yoga mats are made from all sorts of materials. Each material has its own requirement, from polyvinyl chloride (PVC) to rubber, polyurethane, foam, and cork. Some are absorbent but they can be non-absorbent as well.

If there is instruction from the manufacturer on how to care and clean for your yoga mat, adhering to that is best. It is rare, and largely unnecessary, to have to use a chemical-based disinfectant on yoga mats unless it’s stated outright by the maker of the mat.

If I Don’t Sweat During Yoga Exercises, Should I Clean My Mat?

Let’s say you do a lot of yoga mat exercises but ultimately don’t sweat a whole lot. You won’t necessarily need to clean it as often as you would if it’s hot yoga twice a week and the sweat’s pouring out of you on it.

If you practice yoga regularly and you sweat, cleaning your yoga mat after every session is reasonable.

If you practice yoga in a public class, especially with the COVID-19 pandemic having just happened, it makes sense to also clean it after class.

Alternatively, if you pull out your yoga mat at home every once in a while and aren’t doing a whole lot with it, it won’t need very much cleaning.

How to Clean Your Yoga Mat

Clean both sides of your mat. Let it dry fully before rolling it up. When in doubt, use a spray of water-and-soap. You can make this inside of a spray bottle with a spot of dish soap mixed with warm water.

This is more than enough to remove any grime build-up and to destroy any microorganisms occupying space on your yoga mat. No chemicals needed. No disinfectant needed. Also there is the option that you can try Green Cricket yoga mat spray 99.9% ingredients are natural can be used for cleaning yoga mat, toys, or computer monitor

Most yoga mats will last you for years with a routine like this. If you’re looking to buy a new yoga mat, or to have two or three mats you can switch out depending on how you feel, shop yoga mats and more at and see what other fall-winter Black Friday deals are available this month!

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