What Are the Best Gua Sha Tools For Your Body

Gua sha tools can be made from anything – ceramic spoons, container lids, and coins all come to mind.

The best gua sha tools in Canada for use on your body shouldn’t be a cheap compromise. Alternatives to the real thing don’t feel comfortable in the hand, are uncomfortable on the patient, and are more difficult to control when oil is added onto the skin.

If you’re searching for high-quality gua sha tools, look towards the real thing.

What’s the Best Gua Sha Tool Material?

The best gua sha tools for the body are made from real crystals like jade or stone. Crystal offers the best in resonation, comfort, grip, weight, and cost.

Some preach plastic gua sha tools because they are very cheap. Unfortunately, that doesn’t equate to a decent performance. Plastic tools don’t work well.

At the other end of the spectrum, there are very expensive stainless steel gua sha tools you can purchase which may be some of the best out there in terms of breaking up scar tissue.

That said, jade and other crystals are very much capable of the same performance. An all-around reliable material for gua sha tools and affordable, go for crystal and stone.

Gua Sha Tool Materials


What’s the Best Gua Sha Tool Shape for the Body?

Depending on the area you are performing gua sha on, this dictates the shape that’s required. When you buy a rose quartz gua sha tool, you will see them come with different edges.

Tools lacking edges are often designed for larger areas such as the back or legs. For smaller regions, you will likely need a gua sha tool that has two or three edges to dig into the hard-to-reach areas.

Having at least two gua sha tools is recommended for beginners. Otherwise, one will have to compromise.

What’s the Best Gua Sha Tool Size for the Body?

When discussing the size of a gua sha tool, we’re talking predominantly about length.

Why size is important is because you want a good grip on it. A lot of gua sha can cause a practitioner’s hands and fingers to become tight and sore. Add to that the slippery nature of balms, oils, and massage creams, and it’s a lot of pressure on the hands.

You may want a larger or longer-sized gua sha tools if the intention is to do a lot of it. 

Having said that, even the most experienced gua sha practitioners use average-sized tools to accomplish treatment.

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