What Does Science Say About Gua Sha Tools

"Does gua sha work?”

If you follow Korean, Chinese, and Japanese beauty influencers, are a fan of beauty blogs, or enjoy checking up on the latest Instagram trends, you may have caught a glimpse of gua sha technique.

Gua sha has quite the reputation. It’s been celebrated as an all-natural face relaxation method which can help smooth out fine lines and wrinkles while aiding the absorption of serums and moisturizers.

As with many new beauty treatments, however, it’s also faced a fair amount of scrutiny and doubt.

How Does Gua Sha Work?

How to do gua sha starts with selecting an angled stone.

As you will notice, gua sha tools come in various stone shapes. They are usually made from a crystal such as clear quartz.

Clear Quartz Gua Sha (heart shape) - Thera Crystals™


These gua sha crystals are used to firmly scrape the skin in a pattern to promote circulation, lymphatic drainage, and energy redirection.

Most people find they walk away with brighter, more even skin. It’s even been called a ‘natural facelift’ by some. Although we may not go that far, there are certainly benefits to gua sha. Science agrees.

Is Gua Sha Safe?

Gua sha is a whole body beauty technique but a lot of people only use it on their face. Traditionally, the technique is very vigorous. When applied on the face, one has to be more careful.

Assuming one is gentle but firm, gua sha poses no risk in terms of any temporary or long-lasting damage.

There should be no irritation or soreness at the skin level. If there is, reduce pressure or stop altogether.

Though gua sha hasn’t been extensively studied, the people who do use it regularly report wonderful results. The most common feeling users experience after a gua sha session is less stress, less anxiety, and eased tension.

Gua Sha Scientific Studies

There’s a lot of evidence to support the use of clear quartz gua sha tools. Most agree that consistent use of these crystal tools are the best approach to receiving the most benefit from the technique.

  • A study found women with perimenopause symptoms – i.e. sweating, insomnia, and headaches – reduced all symptoms after a single session of gua sha.
  • A 2014 study found gua sha could improve range of motion and reduce pain in people who work regularly at computers.
  • A 2017 study discovered that weightlifters who used gua sha thought themselves to be stronger afterward and as if they could lift more weight with ease.
  • A study found gua sha helps with microcirculation, improving circulation in some people by up to 400 percent.
  • Treating older adults with back pain, gua sha was found to be an effective pain management treatment and more effective than hot-cold therapy.

Gua sha is many things to many different people. Fans of facial gua sha come to it wanting benefits similar to Botox but without any of the needles involved. The results of gua sha are impressive. Get your gua sha tools in Canada from Lierre.ca.

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