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As the holiday season is almost upon us, now is the time to shop for everyone on your gift list. If you or people you know are trying to be more Eco-friendly in 2020, this guide is for you. We round up the top 5 best gifts to get anyone who is or is trying to be environmentally conscious.

1. Abeego Beeswax Food Wrap

If you want to reduce the amount of plastic and waste you consume in 2020, then look no further than the Abeego Beeswax Food Wrap! They are easy to use, wash, and reuse again! They are made of beeswax, tree resin, organic jojoba oil, and all infused into a hemp and organic cotton cloth. This material can be kept for a year or longer if washed and taken care of. You can wrap leftovers, fruits and vegetables, and even bread in this reusable food wrap. What could be better than giving the gift of a waste-free world?

Abeego Variety Beeswax Food Wrap set (3) | Holiday Gift Guide from Lierre.ca Canada


2. Reusable Silicone Straws

If you love drinking coffee, juice, or smoothie with a straw but feel bad about creating more waste, then this product is for you! Using this Reusable Silicone Drinking Straw can save you money and the environment. Less money spent on straws = less waste in our oceans. Don’t be forced to give up your straws in your coffee, make the simple swap! It’s the perfect gift or stocking stuffer for anyone on your list this year.

Reusable Silicone Drinking Straws (4pcs) from Lierre.ca | Holiday gift sets 2019


3. Luumi Unplastic Silicone Bag

If you or anyone you know always uses plastic bags to pack their lunch, snacks, or leftovers, tell them there’s a new invention that will save them money. The Luumi Unplastic Reusable 100% Platinum Silicone Bag! Stop buying plastic bags every week only to throw them away when you can buy multiple, reusable silicone bags to store your food! The Luumi silicone bag is dishwasher safe and can be used to heat up food in the oven or microwave. Say goodbye to wasteful products and save your money with Luumi!

Luumi unplastic resuable 100% platinum silicone bag from Lierre.ca Canada | Holiday Gift guide 2020


4. Silicone Antibacterial Sponge 

Are you or anyone you know always using regular sponges to wash dishes and throw them away every 1-2 weeks? What if there was a way to change your sponge less frequently and use one that is antibacterial? Try out our Silicone Antibacterial dish washing Scrubber Sponge Brush! This sponge is made of food-grade silicone and is flexible and easy to use to wash dishes. Ditch the sponge and stick to silicone!

Silicone Antibacterial Dish washing Scrubber Sponge Brush (set of 3) from Lierre.ca Canada | Holiday Gift Guide 2020


5. Luumi Unplastic Silicone Bowl

Similar to the silicone bag, the Luumi Unplastic Reusable 100% Platinum Silicone Bowl is made with a flat bottom so you can store more snacks or other food items inside. If you do not need something that is made flat, then this bowl is just right for you! It can be shaped into a cylinder shape and rolled so you can see just how much food is left inside. Who said being Eco-friendly was hard?

Luumi unplastic resuable 100% platinum silicone bowl from Lierre.ca Canada | Holiday Gift guide 2020


Key Takeaways

If you need an Eco-friendly gift to please the environmentally conscious person in your life, starting with any of these 5 products will be a great start! With all these products available at your reach, going Eco-friendly can be done with one silicone bag, straw, or beeswax food wrap at a time. 

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