Mid-Year Sale – Lierre Anniversary Sales Event is On!

From July 20th to July 26th, Lierre Anniversary Sales Event is on. Celebrating over a decade of serving Canadians, catch Lierre.ca any time through the week to capitalize on deals and discounts. Athletes, front-line workers, healthcare-conscious Canadians, and more – all are welcome!

20% Off Booster Massage Gun!

A massage gun is the best post-workout recovery tool there is. Apply it gently to the muscles to release built-up tension. The healing process will kick in instantly. For on-the-go deep tissue massages, have your Booster massage gun ready to go.

25% Off Divine Essence Hand Sanitizer!

In the COVID-19 pandemic, you can’t have enough hand sanitizer. Whether you keep it in a travel-sized bottle or have some at home, sanitizer is a key ingredient in the fight against virus transmission. For Recommended hand sanitizer with the required alcohol concentration levels, come to Lierre.ca and get them for 25% off.

30% Off Silicone Cupping Sets!

Cupping is an ancient Chinese therapy that will leave you relaxed, focused, and ready to concentrate on the rest of your day. Browse silicone and plastic cupping sets on sale for our Anniversary Sales Event. Tap into the same therapy Olympic-level athletes use to achieve peak performance.


15% Off Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)!

Where else can you find PPE on discount – nowhere except Lierre.ca. PPE in Canada is still in incredibly high demand. If you need disposable face masks or other COVID-19 supplies, find affordably priced options on our website this July. For Canadians required to wear personal protective equipment to work or in a specific business, you’ll be ready.

20% Off New Nordic Natural Health Supplements!

New Nordic natural health supplements are created and manufactured in Sweden. They’ve increased in popularity here in Canada in large part because of the clinically proven results provided. Find supplements to aid in weight management, hair growth, eye health, live functioning, sleep, and more. If you’ve never had New Nordic before, try them for 20% off only at Lierre.ca.

20% Off Organic Essential Oils!

Organic, therapeutic-grade essential oils are available during our Anniversary Sale for 20% off on  Lierre.ca. Aromatherapy oils have been shown to boost immune system functioning and overall health through consistent safe and effective use. There are dozens of organic Divine Essence oils to choose from. Find what resonates best with you and pair it with a diffuser to really tap into the benefits.

It’s our mid-year sales event and we can’t resist. Don’t miss out. While quantities last, July’s the chance to stock up on the things you want to try this summer. Browse the entire Lierre.ca catalogue and find similar deals to these. Whether it’s for your mental, physical, or spiritual health, invest in you. Visit Lierre.ca to see what speaks to you this summer.

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