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This Father’s Day is an opportunity to get your Dad something he’s going to enjoy using. If your father’s big into fitness or if he’s expressed an interest in getting into shape, the perfect Father’s Day gift idea is something inexpensive that he can do at home and also, which has some adjustability to it. Enter in a dual stability ab wheel!

Even if you haven’t used one of these exercise wheels before, you’ve probably seen them. It’s a small wheel with a rod traversing through its center which subsequently also serves as a handle on both sides. It’s referred to as an ‘ab wheel’ because its main function, across the dozens of exercises it can be used to perform, is to strengthen your core. Adjusting the ab wheel workout can make it as easy or as intense as a user wants it to be so if someone’s just getting started, they’re able to modify exercises as they go along.

This Father’s Day gift idea builds from the theory that a stable core decreases the risk of muscle injury and also helps a person’s strength in other exercises. An ab wheel targets not only your abdominal muscles but also the lower back. For this reason, it can be challenging to get started with for people who have lower back issues. For Dads in trouble though, don’t give up! By going slow and making adjustments, you can build strength across your lower back and abdominals eventually reaching the point where you’re stronger than you probably thought possible.

The benefits of an ab wheel is that it keeps a person in their optimal position as they perform exercises. Core muscles are easily engaged, while a person keeps excellent posture and a centered base. Core muscles work together to execute movements, contracting as a group as well. Alternatively, someone who works on their lower back or abs exclusively could experience muscular imbalance because an exercise like a crunch does not work these muscles together. Abdominal wheels do.

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Should you decide to purchase this for your parent this Father’s Day, you may want to look up some different exercises to perform with it as well as the adjustments. Proper technique is so important when it comes to at-home workouts. Thankfully, simple fitness accessories like an ab wheel, knee mat, and others can be used away from the gym and at home when they’re in private.

Needless to say, fitness accessories for Father’s Day is a strong recommendation and this ab wheel’s one of our favourites. Give your entire upper body a thorough workout with a wobble-free, stable ab wheel suitable for all fitness levels no matter how much experience a Dad has.

Father's day gift

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