All the Benefits and Risks You Should Know About Humidifiers

Humidifiers are excellent tools to have in any home or place of business and clinic. They offer several benefits and give you the chance to control humidity levels in the room which has so many advantages. During winters, heaters work hard to keep the inside warm, but at the same time, they bring dryness and uncomfortable feelings. Humidifiers have a role to play then.  


The biggest humidifier benefits tie in with the effects of moisture. When we remove humidity, respiratory symptoms can exacerbate and dryness increases. This means dry skin, respiratory system irritation, itchy eyes, dry throat, allergies, coughing, an increased risk of bloody noses, cracked lips, sinus issues, and even headaches. Especially on the second morning, when you wake up with a dry throat and nose, it is unlikely for you to relax from a night’s sleep.

 All the Benefits and Risks You Should Know About Humidifiers

When you plug in a humidifier, you’re addressing all these symptoms. In literally minutes, a humidifier remedies over a dozen conditions. These aren’t the only benefits either.


  • How to use a humidifier may be a question to a lot of people, and the quickest answer is to use it often and every day. Doing so will reduce the risk of catching the flu. Increased humidity deactivates flu virus particles which makes infection less likely.


  • The most obvious benefit is going to be helping a cough. If you have a dry and uncomfortable cough you can’t shake, don’t reach for the cough medicine. Go to your humidifier instead. It has the same idea of drinking more water when catching a cough. The moisture inside the body promotes the efficiency of metabolism, so disease will disappear faster with more water circulation.


  • Where to put your humidifier is on a table preferably bedside. A humidifier here overnight will increase moisture to such an extent that it lubricates airways better and will reduce snoring in some people. However, be careful if you place a humidifier that pets can easily reach. We do want to see insecurity happen.


  • Your skin and hair will be kept naturally moisturized and moist. Dry air really does dry us out. A humidifier is going to gently take care of your skin, lips, and hair, and eliminate that itchy flaky skin. Besides, taking a bath with warm water instead of hot water can help with dry skin and hair in winters. Although it is a relaxation to take a hot shower after work, it will last you worse skin and hair.


Now even the best humidifier comes with a few risks but only when used improperly. When a humidifier tan isn’t cleaned regularly, you can end up with a dirty tank and breathing in germ-ridden moisture. It is recommendable to clean it every two or three days if you use it on a daily basis.


Also, if you are always running your humidifier, you could be putting excessive levels of moisture out. Too much humidity can make respiratory conditions and allergies worse. This is why you probably will want to monitor your humidity levels and ensure you’re not overdoing it.


Lastly, if a person has asthma or is allergic to dust, a humidifier can potentially aggravate symptoms. This is a common mistake parents make when buying a humidifier for baby. Observe the reaction of those around you when turning on a humidifier before leaving a humidifier on overnight, in a baby’s room, or an in a house unattended.


Combat dryness. Increase the humidity in your home with a humidifier and see the benefits yourself. As long as a humidifier is built well, correctly positioned, and used safely, there aren’t significant risks to consider. Wash it regularly and use it wisely.


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