Luumi Unplastic Reusable 100% Platinum Silicone Bowl

Food-grade silicone has superseded plastic as the most in-demand food container material available. Silicone, unlike plastic, is eco-friendly and as near to chemical-free as one can get. Plastics have long been known to be toxic – both to our bodies and the environment. Comparatively, silicone comes with none of that toxicity. 

If you’re in the market for eco-friendly reusable food containers, there are many reasons to advocate for silicone over plastic. First off, with plastics, you’re going to find they start to crack, peel, crumble, dry out, rot, or become brittle in time. When you add plastics to a washing machine, it only speeds up the time in which a plastic food container will eventually break. Besides, when serving some food with high temperature, plastic containers can generate toxic substances. However, silicone’s not going to give the same issues. In fact, it’s very resistant to damage.

Silicone boasts a key benefit on the topic of damage, in that it can withstand extreme temperatures without degrading. This means it can be put in the oven even without being damaged. You won’t ever find it cracking, peeling, or damaging. Lummi Unplastic Reusable Silicone Bowl from can definitely guarantee the safety of using in the microwave and oven. The attractive design of outlook and flexible function for different use help it attract a number of followers.

Another thing is do you know what plastic is made of – plenty of chemicals. BPAs, BPS, PVC, and phthalates. Chemicals and toxins used in plastic food containers have been shown to have a cancer connection, and can potentially damage one's fertility, immune system, and more. It is quite a big issue if you always eat with a plastic bowl or plastic food container for meals. Then, environmentally speaking, when you throw out a plastic container, it either ends up in a landfill somewhere, the ocean, or enters the food chain. Wildlife animals and water resources all have to face the problem. It’s a big problem! Silicone’s unlike plastic, avoiding chemical interference and being non-hazardous when discarded. 

In terms of food storage containers, there are of course plenty of similarities between silicone v. plastic. They’re both lights in weight, save on space, reused quite a few times and are easy to transport. They’re both essentially created from an abundance of resources as well. The big advantage of silicone’s material is that it is completely natural. This gives it a heck of a jump on plastic which is less sustainable, not even close to natural, and has the potential to damage the planet in a big way.

Every household needs reusable food storage containers but toxicity shouldn’t be a worry. Silicone’s BPA-free contains no latex or lead and has no phthalates. It’s non-toxic and doesn’t absorb odors in the same way that plastic will. Carrying lunch with silicone containers will be the best choice for students and workers. 

Between silicone and plastic, which would you rather put your food in? Remember, what you keep in these containers is going to go directly into your body. This isn’t a plastic grocery bag. Silicone contains no chemical fillers or by-products. The days of using plastics in your food containers, hopefully, should be over. Besides, Lummi provides the best reusable silicone food container that can bear freezing weather. Plastic materials are likely to be broken after placing them in the fridge for a long time. 

luumi reusable silicone food container

Get high-quality food-grade silicone containers in Canada from today. Don’t fear change. Do it for you, your household, and the environment. Live healthily, cut out the plastic chemicals, and feel better about what you’re putting out there in the environment.

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