What is Incense And What Are the Benefits Of It

 Hour to an hour and a half. Once it’s done, incense will naturally extinguish itself. Even so, any incense burner should be placed in a safe, fire-resistant location. Smoke from incenses can be an issue if you are burning an incense in a confined environment. Therefore, ventilation is absolutely important. 


What are the health and wellness benefits of incense?

Beyond the incense scents available, each can present its own set of benefits. It’s well-known incense causes calmness, relaxation, and provides stress relief. Others have found it to be akin to an antidepressant in the way the brain reacts to the scent. There’s also evidence suggesting incense could be anti-inflammatory, a way to stimulate creativity, increases sexual desire, and more. Kind of like essential oils, you want to examine incense by the stick to see its claims. There aren’t any big risks to incense although too much of anything is probably a bad thing. 

What type of incense is best?

There are so many types of incense. The best one for you is going to be the one you choose. Incense has been around a long time. If you want to use it as a sleep aid, obviously you don’t want to choose an incense that’s known for focus, concentration, and as a stimulant. Some research into what’s available can help clarify what incense may be in your wheelhouse. Regarding religious ceremonies or as an odor neutralizer, there are very specific varieties to use.

Diamond Natural Incense by Shoyeido
  • Sandalwood is a healing incense. It is used to consecrate. Sandalwood removes the negative energy and brings peace.
  • Amber is a representation of fire and air. Amber’s a truth-seeking incense. The scent is a blend of florals, musk, and resins, and is used frequently in temples.
  • Frankincense is the second most popular type of incense after sandalwood. It’s closely associated with riches, power, and purification. Diamond Natural Incense by Shoyeido is a combination of sparkling sandalwood, frankincense, cinnamon and ginger lily. The scent surely gives you more power because the rich smell of diamond. 

    Moss Garden Natural Incense by Shoyeido

    • Patchouli is an earthy aroma used for positive attractions, to stoke sexual desire, and for riches. Moss Garden Natural Incense by Shoyeido is a representative incense containing patchouli. This product is an old recipe and a customer favourite. 

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